You know what they say. Youngest kid is the pampered one.

Well, when you have nothing else to do, what can you do other than pampering the kid, huh?

The other day when I was moving house, I even found the pregnancy test kit of Matthew! My sons all said, “Ewwwss…you are gross, mom. That’s your urine in it?” The blue line is still visible.

Then, I also found the CD of the scan I had in KL. I traveled all the way to Bangsar because in 2002, there wasn’t 3D scan in Penang. I want to be doubly sure the baby is fine as I had a previous premature delivery.

That’s my preoccupation. Keeping everything just for keepsakes.


Newborn Matthew. Born at 36 wks because I have pre-eclampsia. My blood pressure shot up so high, it is enough to kill an elephant. But thank God, both of us were fine.


One year old. Sigh…I have forgotten all the antics of baby, toddler to little boy. Lucky I have blogged about them or else I won’t be able to recall at all.


When he was 2 years old, he was afraid of fire.


At three years old. Barney cake.

At four years old. The mom is a little bit more techie so it is on Youtube.

And if you have the stomach to stand birth story, here is Matthew’s birth story.

bart simpson birthday cake

It is Bart Simpson birthday cake at five years old.

mini m&m cupcakes

At six years old, big brother Jeff baked a birthday cake for the teachers at JG Kids and tiny cupcakes for the classmates at K2 Joshua.

gingerbread man birthday cake

Meanwhile, we ordered another cake for him. His favourite Gingee. We brought the soft toy to the Jenni cake shop and the uncle there drew it with piping jelly.


And oh oh, I just noticed that he was scrawny when he was 2,3,4,5 and 6.


Last year photo.

His birthday is tomorrow. So, don’t send the wishes, just yet.

Incidentally, my two older sons are doing a smallish barbeque for Chap Goh Meh with their friends. So, I hijacked it for Matthew’s birthday. Since I am on vegetarian fasting, I am going to boycott the thing. Hehehe, so I let my sons do all the arrangement. The #2 son is preparing barbeque pork ribs. It looks mighty delicious but I can’t eat! *pouts*

If you are coming, please bring a gift for him ya? Any old thing will do as long as it is nicely wrapped. He only cares about tearing presents apart.

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  1. Matthew, Let the God decorate each golden ray of the sun reaching you with wishes of success and happiness for you. Wish you a super duper happy birthday.

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