My boy is seven

And I didn’t even have time to take photos of him except for one!

The day started with me going to church on a Sunday morning. Thanking God for the gift of the Lord – Matthew (that’s the meaning of the name). It is the second week of Lent. I personally find it rather disturbing that year in, year out, we have to be reminded on what we need to do, how we should pray and etc.

(photos by my niece. With FB, we get connected instantly)

I have choir practice after that I only finished at 1 pm. Then, I got to rush to the bank atm to withdraw money because my hubby sms-ed me to buy lunch for the kids at home. I have only RM3 left in the wallet. RM3 can’t even buy me lunch.

So, ding-dong, ding-dong, I got them lunch, get them to eat etc etc. About 4 pm, hubby and I went out for some last minute grocery shopping. Got home at 6 pm.

Rush, rush, rush. Fry some bee hoon, make a quick pie, helped the #2 son to prepare salad and etc. I forgot that I am dealing with #2 son whose friends are all not professional chefs in the making. But he has a friend who makes great fruit and tea punch. He works in Winter Warmers so we get nice punch which my boy is talking about it.

Usually, I don’t need to do much if I am with #1 son because all his friends are more pro than me. So, I forgot that part and had to do a last minute rush with one-leg kicks all when I realise it.

But we managed to get foods ready by 8 pm. #1 son has exam so he wasn’t home to lend an extra pair of hands, you see. He was out studying with his friends.

I asked my niece to take photos for me because I was totally sweaty and hot. The darn Penang weather is going crazy.

Anyway…my little boy was thrilled with the number of presents he get. Normally, we don’t fuss about birthdays. But since tonight is Chap Goh Meh and my #2 son wants to have some bbq, we decided to call it my little boy’s birthday party.

And once again, thank God for Matthew. Time really flies. It has been seven very easy years, filled with lots of love.

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