Between Farmville, sweating and earning

I was just flipping through the calendar for March and am so happy that there is a one-week school holidays sometime in the middle of March. That means two more weeks of sending son, picking son and I get a one week break.

(photos are from my Nokia N97, just downloaded to my PC, taken long long time ago)

Meantime, I spend my days playing Farmville, sweating in the kitchen and writing some paid posts. Life is so boring. I am getting tired of normal, political news. I want to shoot videos with lots of drama, tears, fights, shouting and maybe some throwing water bottles or FRU. Dead bodies are good too. CM, you hear me? Please visit more interesting places instead of boring heritage buildings or handing over cheques. (P/S – Independent video journalist like me only get press schedules from CM and DAP hence, my scope is very limited. Sometimes, the nice videographers from the TV stations gave me some leads too but I am too chicken to go along. You know lah, I am the auntie.)

(staying in Tanjung Bungah is not so fun when it comes to eating. The above is from Air Itam, nice-nice tomyam beehoon but it is too far to drive there)

Haih….all these boring stuffs suck the creativity out of me. I need adrenaline rush. I need to be in touch with the heart. The feel. I need to do something that either makes me want to cry, slap people or kick them in the groin. I cannot do mundane things. I get restless.

I get some paid posts to write and I had crapped so much rubbish, even I make my own hairs stand on ends. Of course, I do that on my unseen, unknown, subsidiary blogs so no one get to see how lame my posts are.

(one of the many yee sangs I had)

Sigh….it is Lent. I am on vegetarian fasting. I think it is kinda ‘batal puasa’ to keep whining about eating vegetarian foods. St. Peter probably wants to strangle self to hear yet another rant from me. But it is that sickening. Because I have to cook normal foods. And if I also cook my own dishes, I have to make like 5 dishes each day. So, I ate all the vege, tofu, eggs and they are killing me. Boring, tasteless stuffs. So, what I did today was to buy myself a packet of local cili padi. I added them to my rice with soya sauce.

(laksa is ‘permissible’ as far as I am concerned)

Lilian, shaddap already. Your blog post is sooo boring!!!!!!

13 thoughts on “Between Farmville, sweating and earning

  1. Boring………. zzzzzz

    How big is Penang lah???!!! To far to drive from Tg Bungah….

  2. Penang is very BIG, ok? Really one, we even shop less now bcos the hypermarkets are too far as well. Good lah, save money, every evening stay home watch TV nia.

  3. The curry mee looks heavenly.Hmmm,could do with a bowl for b’fast right now!!!

  4. Aiyo Lilian are you a ori Penang orang. For most of us nothing is that far away in Penang especially for the food. Anyway, Pulau Tikus is nearer to Tg Bunga. Pulau Tikus is always congested in the mornings not because of people going to the market but I think half the crowd dont go tomarket but to eat.

  5. I am also looking forward to the school holiday. Can sleep later. Penang………….. to say big, it is not super big but to say small, also not small leh. Hypermarket is quite far from Tanjung Bungah so, like you say……………………… SAVE $$$$$

  6. Hi Lilian A good Nasi Pandan can be found at the Hillside Hawker Centre run by Din (Left hand corner shop)And also a well known buger stall (night only) is found between the park and the hawker centre by the main road. Bewarn the fruit stall are rather expencive (beside the hawker centre) I would rather buy from Tg.Bungah Wet market.

  7. Laksa is made of fish nia mahhhhh..We can eat fish one.

    The Din nasi is nice but it is sooo expensive. Each time it costs me RM6 to RM8. I hardly go anymore.

  8. The burger stall (mini oick-up truck) at Hillside is definitely fantastic. One of the very few burger (in fact maybe the only one that I know) stalls run by Chinese (I do not intend to be a racist)

    How much do you think a glass of pat poh peng and a glass of red syrup water would cost in a Penang coffee shop ? It costs me RM 2.50 at the Nasi Padang place at Transfer Road. I could not believe it and had to ask the tauke soh at the end of my meal to confirm. The tauke was the one who served me. Asking around even at Pulau Tikus, which people say is a more expensive area, is between RM 1.80 to RM 2.00. The other half said maybe that’s why the tauke’s children can have a overseas education. There are some graduation pictures hung at the coffee shop.

    Will drink ais kosong next time. Hopefully it will not be more than 40 sen

  9. Compare the Nasi Pandan in Transfer Rd. and Din’s in Hillside. I had tried both stalls and found Din to be much cheaper.Though I must agree with you Lilian Din is”sooo expersive”to your standard. To me on yearly vacation I think Din’s price are quite resonable but not that cheap.Anyway “Where can you find “cheap” food now a days”?

  10. Hi Lilian
    there are many many good food at Tg Bungah, beside the above namely the Char Koey Teow Stall along Jalan Sungai Kelian, The Market Food Court has good Better Chicken Rice (there are 2 stall, you have to look for the stall with a big man, Char Koey Teow, Nasi Lemak, Chee Chong Fun (normal) and (HK Style), soya bean drink, the 2 coffee shops near the Market has good breakfast as well as chinese food at night, Tg Bungah Town Chicken Rice, Mamak Mee, the Malay Food near the Floating Mosque for lunch are some of them that are better then the most and the best burger in town, is the one near the Hillside food court / Park / Esso Station(Van) as mention above.

    Try them out!

  11. The Tg.Bungah Char Koey Teow is name “Ah Soon Char Koey Teow along Jl.Sg.Kelian. Which formerly sell in Tg. Tokong Village. Ah Soon’s wife will do the frying while Ah Soon himself at times do ” door to door” deliver on his motor-bike on request.Their store is very much cheaper than the “Sisters” in Lorong Salamat anytime.Tg Bungah Market cum hawker center has many cheap and good food including those on Friday night market.(Correct me if I am wrong on the day),

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