Mommy, chicken vegetarian meh?

My boy and I went to GAMA’s Four Leaf cafe today because I wanted to do some grocery shopping. I haven’t been to the cafe for like decades already.

It seems to be doing well. But the place was rather packed and very small. So, each table is like side-by-side, elbow knocking on each other.

(my boy posing with our recyclable shopping bags which we have brought along. Good habit to teach him from young to avoid using so much plastic bags.)

So, I ordered an egg croissant while my boy insisted to order the set lunch of fried rice with an egg and two pieces chicken. I know he cannot finish it.

(I told him to pose for me to promote No Plastic Bag Mon-Wed but this pose is too cute liao.)

Then, our meals came. My tiny croissant was really small. My boy wanted a bite and he almost ate half of it.


Then, his fried rice arrived. I took some egg and half the rice. There are two huge pieces of fried chicken and my boy could only eat one.

So, the dilemma came. He had bitten a mouthful of the other piece. I cannot tapau because my other sons won’t eat half-eaten piece. It is so wrong to leave it uneaten.

I thought the kid won’t notice if I quietly eat it. But no……He said so loud, “Ma, chicken vegetarian meh?”

I told him, “Yes, this chicken vegetarian because it eats only wheat and other plants for foods.”

He got my joke, “CHICKEN VEGETARIAN?????” and laughed really loud.

As I said, the tables are all very close together.

Before he pecah my rahsia even futher, I quickly reminded him, “Eh, you remember that video of the children in Philippines who have to eat leftover foods?

So, if I throw this piece of chicken away, it will be worse than I eat it, you know? Tell me lah, which is a bigger wrong? Throw good foods away or eat it? *In whisper mode* Jesus never say I cannot eat chicken wor. He said whatever goes in my mouth is not important, what comes out, i.e. my words, my thoughts are more important. So, you say leh, eat better or throw better?”


Therefore, you see? I have to sacrifice mah. I must show good example for my boy. I cannot be the hypocrite who wasted food for the sake of trying to do good.

Haih…I am beyond help. I can menghalalkan everything with my reasons.

But seriously, what you would do in the instance? Stick with my ‘I want to do vegetarian fasting’ or “I shouldn’t waste perfectly good foods.”

12 thoughts on “Mommy, chicken vegetarian meh?

  1. Hahahaha, he purposely do geiiii pose lah. That icecream is after one hour shopping, the shopping cart full with RM200 groceries liao.

  2. I share the same thoughts.Am also vegetarian this lent but will eat whatever that’s left behind,vegetarian or non vegetarian.Yes,never,never waste good food.

  3. Eat only la… Not to say you purposely order chicken and sit there gasak habis habis… this is finish up for your boy ma.

  4. Lilian, have been following ur blog for years and tis is the 1st time I comment!! *Hurray* btw just eat the food! while fasting, it is a good deed but at the same time if we still waste food, all balance up… equals to nth… so now u did it double.. double goodness..:)

  5. I am also a vegetarian and my body has never been in a very good shape. Being a vegan can really make you much heathier.,*:

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