I read Alice in Wonderland when I was a kid. The image of the mad hatter who was late for the tea party by the queen stays on in my mind.

‘I am late! I am late!’

That’s how I feel on most days. I usually am never late. I always am punctual unless the circumstances are beyond my control.

Just now, at midnight, I have to make a decision with my #1 son whether to go to KL to settle some college matters with a consultant there. Initially, my little boy wanted to attend school and wasn’t keen on being ‘taken off from school’. But he changed his mind and was in tears when I told him we are not going and he is going to school.

So, here is one teary eyed kid, an appointment that I haven’t manage to confirm, a free ride to KL and decision to be made.

I have been in contact with the guy through emails but there is nothing like a personal discussion to settle the matter. You see, my son is supposed to start his industrial training in six months time. He has to arrange which restaurant to attach to.

His college is not making any arrangements for them. So, I contacted the agent who usually arrange our Malaysian professional chef diploma students for placements in overseas. He gave me all the details, costs and benefits of getting the industrial training done in Germany.

I am not keen to send my son to USA. Due to the cost and also none of his college mates are keen. Germany sounds like a good location and quite affordable. Australia is not accepting Malaysians (sigh). French foods are not so ‘popular’.

So, we are traveling to meet the agent, and hopefully get things straightened out. They need six months to get the paperworks done. You know what? Local hotels are available but I doubt how much the sifus there are willing to impart their knowledge. Moreover working in a large hotel probably limits the kind of things they do. So, we think, why not send the son for a nice holiday, a new world to explore and frankly, they are paid in Euros and the amount they get in return is enough to let him experience European restaurant management and cuisine.

Now I need to pack! I am late, I am late!