It’s great to have grown up boys

Because you get to join their mob.
And be part of the brat pack.


My little boy is the poor neglected, forgotten, taken for granted kid. The older boys have been to several countries. When he sees the photo albums, he will ask, “Mommy, how come kor-kor get to go but I don’t get to go?”

So, I explained to him that it is too expensive for us to travel as a family now. The kor-kor are all adults now. The trip will cost us like RM30K at least.

And he gave me his puppy eyes look, “Mommy, why papa doesn’t earn a lot a lot so we can go to America, Australia, Japan….”

I told him even if we have the money, we have to save it for his education next time.


But, in our busy routines and schedules, we have forgotten to even take him to local places. So, it is only recently we realised he has not even been to Genting! We did went when he was a baby, I think.

Now that he is grown up, he does know how to compare. How come kor-kor get that, I don’t have one? How come Jeffrey and Michael did that, I don’t? And the worst is he will do the face and say, “HORRRRR….you love them, you no love me lah….”

Anyway, the drama king sure knows how to twist his father’s heart. Last Friday, hubby had some work in the KL office. I wanted to meet my #1 son’s college consultant.

So, we headed to KL and do not know what to do next day. We went up to Genting for a day trip as there was no room available.


And we discovered that my little boy is no longer little anymore. He is tall enough to ride on most of the scary rides including the Flying Dragon, the Pirate Ship which he rode 3 times and the indoor roller coaster. Towards the night, we no longer need to get down from the ride and just went for second and third rounds.


Of course, in order to have brave little boy like that, he needs an even braver mom. The father is brave too but he cannot ride on some rides cos he gets motion sickness easily (that includes ferries wheel doh).

Only my 20 yrs old and 14 yrs old sons went with us. (the 18 yrs old was at home in Penang) So, three of us challenged each other to be the braver ones. We took all the rides available. The scariest is this Space Drop.


The thing is like 10 storey high. You get pulled up and dropped. When we are going down, it is like there is no gravity as you float up while the seat is going down.

Then, there is the Flying Coaster where we stand instead of sit. At certain parts, we were like superman flying as the thing is tilted and we are lurching ahead, flat on our stomach, twisted upside down. Of course there is the Corkscrew which is not so scary at all but it is nice to scream just for kicks.

I am not afraid of heights. Just don’t put me in dark places like those haunted houses or haunted train rides. Otherwise, woohoo, I enjoyed the thrills with my kids.

Oh yeah, I successfully ‘trained’ my eldest son at the other place. You know where lah. No luck, we didn’t win. But we took a long time to lose the amount as well. Yes, did I tell you I slipped into the casino when I was only 19 years old? I didn’t turn into a gambler, did I? It is just a sport. Except for those scary people who threw thousands of ringgit like they are hell notes. My goodness, where did these people come from, huh?

4 thoughts on “It’s great to have grown up boys

  1. Got wear bra or not during the space drop???? If not nen nen will hit the face when dropping. Wakakakakaka!!!! Blek!! *cabut**

  2. that space drop thing is one scary ride!! i went on a few years back when i was still in college and the ppl operating the rides were trying to scare us bunch of girls telling us to tie up our hair cos some girl once got her hair stuck on the metal poles behind the seats and…. ~snap~
    anyways…i’m chicken now so most likely i’ll feign motion sickness if i have to go on another ride like that! lol

  3. a tragedy happened at that space shot many yrs ago. a girl’s hair was’nt tied properly and on the way up, some strands were caught by the mechanism of the ride behind her seat, and when the thing came down in full speed, all they saw on her seat when it finally ended is a body with her head nowhere to be seen (perhaps hanging high up there).

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