Penangites! Today is the second year of a state government of OUR CHOICE.

As Penangites, we must celebrate March 8. We must have that sense of pride that our efforts, put together have brought in a new state government.

It is a new government, with its teething problems and imperfections. But let us persevere and hope things improve.

To those who are no longer living in Penang or to those anti-Pakatan Rakyat folks, I say STFU because you are not the ones living here. I am sick of listening to your whines, your disbeliefs and your negativities.

To those who are obsessed with Lim Guan Eng, I say, go find a head doctor and find out what’s bugging you. You know what I am talking about. You, the ones, who blamed every single friggin things to Lim Guan Eng. Usually, according to the psychologists, a person projects their hatred for themselves to someone as a means of escape. So yeah, go look into the mirror and find out what exactly is bugging you.

For the rest of us, we shall do our part in making a better Penang.

15 thoughts on “Penangites! Today is the second year of a state government of OUR CHOICE.

  1. Hi Lilian,
    A lot of news is not reported in mainstream media. And the alternative media can’t cover all the events. I am glad you are doing a great job as a citizen journalist.

  2. Am sick of the over-politicking since Mar 8, 2008. Everyday, they hentam each other. Am really sick of the racial politics. Even taking action on illegal businesses eg in Penang becomes a racial issue. Seems to me that some fellas feel that such action should be based on racial quota. Real shallow thinking but sadly such people also have a large following.

    The local councils (MPPP and MPSP) and land office should go all out to get rid of the illegal businesses especially those at the road sides. We have closed both eyes too long. Penang is still Penang Darul Sampah, as labelled by Tun Mahathir. The pearl has been long lost

  3. For the first time, we voted the correct people to run our state government. Kudos to LGE and et al. We were hoodwinked by a very selfish, unprincipled and ‘kae boh’ of a CM (you know who) who decided to go in the backdoor way (shame on you)to Parliament. Come next GE, forget about coming back to Penang, there is no more Stony Friends (Batu Kawan) for you to contest in, KNS!!

  4. So far as I see it Penang under LGE is doing “quite” to very “well” on his own with the help of his “old” daddy of his.Things are looking up very well in Penang since my last visit in Nov/Dec 2009.Road are quite “clean” thought more effort form MPPP to upgrate. One of the bestis the Rapid Penang of today is up to standard though MORE can be improve to be like SBS in Singapore. I’m sure in times to come Penang will one day have a First Class public bus service in the near future. P.S Gone are the days of Hin & Milan OLD JUNK buses and RUDE staff.

  5. A difference I see is that the new government listens to us. The old one will either turn a deaf ear or tell you grandmother’s story.

    Seriously, let Gerakan be gone forever since they are still trying to be an ass by commenting the gesture of good will of the new government in a bad way. When people said something nasty about Chinese and Indian, KSK didn’t even say a thing and now they wanna pick bones from an egg (Mandarin proverb ??????).

    LGE has done so many things in this 2 years, it’s still a long way to go but I’ll give my support to him. We, Penangite, must make sure he will lead the state as long as possible!

  6. Rapid Penang was one of the last gifts from the federal government to the people of Penang but it took a long while for it to happen. Thank goodness, the federal government did not punish Penang people after Mar 8 election by taking back Rapid Penang. There are still some Milan and Hin Co. junks running around. Dont’ know why CVLB still allow them to do so. The taxi services is still the same that is holding passengers to ransom. This I understand has policital connections. Don’t know why we still have dedicated airport taxis for arrival passengers and other taxis for departing passengers. What a waste of precious fuel with empty taxis.

    Previous CM really kay boh. Even had his picture being torn by fellow BN members. He said that if he lose the election he will not be in the government through the back door by being a senator. A year later, he becomes a senator. Check this out..

  7. Anyone heard that the Pg Postal services have been directed to stop issueing change of address rights to out of state citizens living in Penang? My dad’s pplication thru the BM Post office just got flushed because of this.
    Anyway..Lilian, “The Man in the Mirror” should be translated into our national language.

  8. Penang is doing well enough under the new govt. However, one “Melayu” of the pEnang Malay Chamber of Commerce claimed in “India” ( guess what Melayu is that ? , the one Penang has the most number of, more than other state, the kind like Ahmad Ismail kind of Melayu la ) said that there is a young man in India who wants to retire before 30 and Malays in Penang are being sidelined and they must stand up to the Chinese, wow, All this talk by the “Melayu” who has the best of both world, India and Malaysia ! Malaysia Boleh

  9. Those so called Melayus who are supposedly fighting for their race are really fighting to keep what they used to get easily. They are not fighting for the Malays. I was told that during the kay boh CM days some of them can demand for projects but not sure how true is it. Maybe so-lah, just like the Bayan Baru fella who was not happy that the RM 2 company was rejected by LGE to manage the Bukit Jambul Golf Course. That fella used to be from the party that allows such things to happen.

    Latest hot soup for LGE is the proposed Penang International Convention Centre. Seems to be a lot of controversy. I think CM need to take a second look. I hear from sources (not politcally aligned), that the convention centres being planned at Penang Times Square and at Batu Uban (IJM’s) should be enough for Penang.

  10. everyday, i read….some BN MPs suing these other non-BN MPs, or tht BN division chief challenge PKR for this /that…..

    I doubt a big country like USA has this many inter-political party lawsuit….

    besides, 2 yrs is hardly enuf time to proof if someone is worthy or not.

  11. I believe Penang change better than before!

    Hope next election, Penang can still be controlled by PKR.

    All the Best!

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