The hell hole call National Service

Each year, I am relieved that none of my sons were chosen for National Service. I am not a protective mother. I am also not paranoid.

But looking at the kind of lackadaisical attitude of our Federal Government (when you are a Penangite, you have to make sure you are talking about the right government because we have two from different poles), I did plan to kick up a fuss if my son is selected.

I will not tolerate such rubbishes because they are dealing with the lives of our children. Do you all still remember how many deaths have occured at NS camps over the years? Do you still remember how Lee Lam Thye would blame this, blame that, except blaming the government? Nevermind…I know Malaysians all mudah lupa. Hey, Lee Lam Thye also have stepped down, isn’t it?

The problems with us parents in Malaysia is our lack of courage. I know many parents would be scared shit if the word ‘Government’ is mentioned. They will ‘yes sir’ without a second thought. Nevermind that their kids’ lives are at risk. They are just soooo afraid of ‘cheng hoo’.

Today, The Star mentioned that the Balik Pulau NS camp was without CF. And not even temporary CF. This will probably goes unnoticed in the previous state government. Hopefully, the new council chief and her councillors will not tolerate such things and close the camp down until proper certificate of fitness is in place.

By the way, the camp was build where the tsunami hits Penang. That part of the beach is actually not a safe place to swim as the waves are rather strong. I had been there many times and certain days, it is rather spooky with winds howling.

Read this article from The Star :
THE White Resort National Service training camp in Balik Pulau has been operating without a Certificate of Fitness (CF) since its opening in December 2007.

Penang Municipal Council (MPPP) Building department director Yew Tung Seang said the camp did not even have a temporary CF. (continue reading)

If my son is in there, I would be shooting them with my camera. But too bad, there is only one of me (and a million tasks to deal with), so I hope some other parents will take the initiative to ensure that our NS camps are safe for our children. Don’t wait for tragedy to happen before moving your butts, ok? It is our parents’ earnest push that will get things done. Don’t sit and wait for others to get things done. Do it yourself. In Penang, you can be assured that our council hears us. Trust me. Our Penang chenghoo (gov) is supposed to be people-centric. Not profit centric.

11 thoughts on “The hell hole call National Service

  1. Wonder what will happen if the MPPP were to shut down the camp. Maybe it should since the camp does not even have a temporary CF. What if something bad happens at the camp ? Would there be legal complications ?

  2. Our Fed Gomen will only shut down the camp after a tragedy has happened not before. This is the std SOP (Standard Operation Procedure). They don’t give a fcuking shit if the taps run dry at the camp. They couldn’t care less if hundreds of our children are down with food poisoning. As long as they continue with this shitty NS, they get to fill up their coffers, KNN!Heartless SOBs!
    Raykat didahulukan my foot! More like Rakyat ditembelangkan!

  3. NS is a waste of our money but then as usual it is a lucrative business for some, like building the camps, maintaining the camps, supply food, etc. etc.

    I do hear that the trainees enjoy themselves but then does it meet the objectives of the NS program. To me, the integration and education process starts in school.

  4. If my daughter get selected, I sure make helluva noise and wont allow her to go. I only got 1 child ok.. I never once taken anything about my daughter for granted ok… how can I let someone or something like our sloppy Federal government to toy with her life!?

  5. But you won’t be layan by the government anyway. We can only complain to them but there won’t be much actions taken ler. U bising over newspaper etc etc, at most they can only apologize. Sad to say this. Haiz, this is Msia ler …

  6. I call National Service the PERFECT IDEA OF UMNO/BN. For most people it cost some rakyat money (which only 15% pay tax), About a quarter of children get some exercise. But a few pay with the lives of their children which does not provoke the rest of us because 1) only a quarter is at risk and 2) we are basically not caring enough/apathetic.

    These kinds of idea have worked in the past for example Proton – it was started when cars were mostly owned by Chinese and so not enough Malay object. Toll-roads – Most travelling were done by Chinese and so cannot object also.

    Why then people started to object to Proton and then Toll roads? Because the pain started to spread. In other words, it will take more death before we will act. Unfortunately..

  7. My first two children escaped NS but my 3rd was selected. Just came back yesterday from Mantin Camp, Seremban.

    Initially I was worried after reading the countless negative news. That was why I visited the camp during the first two weeks. However I find that everything was well planned and my son integarted very well with the other trainees from Pahang, Johore, Sabah and Negeri Sembilan. There were many things which were new to him and he adapted well, like first time away from home, first time washing his clothes, first time doing sewing of clothes,etc. He is also more opinated. For all these I am grateful he attended the camp.

  8. No CF? Dont play play with this approval. Should anything happen, how to sue and take action?

  9. Before my daughter join NS, I was on hell-bent parent, with very negative attitude towards this NS.

    Unfortunately, or fortunately, my daughter got selected and she attended PLKN1/10 at Chenderiang, Tapah camp.

    We drove up every Sunday from KL to see to her and I can say this camp is very well run & managed.

    It all depends on which camp your kids are send to.

  10. Was told by the government workers that even though your children has an excuse of going on for further studies to come out early from camp, they will be called back as they are not finished with Ns and not certified. But some did came out and not receiving any news from the government yet.

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