Penang Warga Emas video

I like this video a lot. I like it so much, I sent the link to a few politicians.

Since you are all my valued customers blog readers, I will share with you the feelings behind it. I don’t just shoot a video, chop chop chop, snip snip snip, join join join and put it on Youtube. Sometimes, I put my feelings into it. That’s why my videos are all so special, you know?

Let’s not forget my time (which could be better spent at home sleeping, playing computer games, watching Hongkong TVB or porn kekeke), my sweat of driving out in the hot, burning sun plus the parking coins I have to slot into the meter.

So, I was rather pissed one day when Gerakan, including Teng Hock Nan ‘kong sui’ (speaks bad) about Lim Guan Eng’s effort. It is not so much about defending the cause but the timing they chose to talk about this Warga Emas Program.

It was announced one year ago, carried out for the last ten months and Gerakan never make a single noise. But just because it is Pakatan Rakyat 2nd year anniversary and it is the closing date, Gerakan decided to be petty about it.

Teng said there are so many rich people who would gain from the RM100. Then, UMNO claimed that it is DAP’s evil plot of getting people to join DAP because when the old folks are given the form, they will be expected to join DAP too. And the clowns in Gerakan Youth said it is a form of bribery to get people to vote Pakatan Rakyat.

Well, these are politics. I don’t usually bother because most politicians are morons who just want attention. But using a program for old folks and also a small amount of RM100 as their political mileage, I feel they are being very petty.

So, I decided to myself. I am going to see who are the people who come forward to receive the money. In July 2009, I had met up with YB Sim of PKR when he held the registration in an Indian temple. Now, I decided to go to DAP office instead.

I asked for permission from YB Phee and I went to DAP HQ. I was told that earlier, before my arrival, a couple of old folks were angry that their registration under Datuk Zahrain and Tan Tee Beng were not entered in the computer. I would have love to meet those people to hear what they have to say about their Bayan Baru MP and Nibong Tebal one.

I hang around the DAP HQ for about three hours. I keep my eyes open to the facial expressions of the old folks. I am touched that some of the old folks were brought in by their neighbors/tenants. Some are pretty rich ladies but they just want to be part of the fun.

So that’s how this video is done. If Gerakan wishes to question DAP (actually it is not DAP but Penang State Government) motive, please do that at other time. Kick up the fuss during the next election ceramah. But to do so when things are already 7-7-8-8 and the old folks are all so excited about receiving RM100 by the end of this month, it is really sad.
What have you done for these people in all the years?

As for Teng’s questioning Lim Guan Eng, Teng is just trying to fool us. This Warga Emas program is an additional money given to old folks. There are other welfare help for other groups of people. Teng also said LGE could have used the money to build old folks home. Teng, you are a sourgrape. Guan Eng purposely do the program to bring reminder to children to take care of their parents and also to appreciate the old folks for their contribution to the state. Not to build more homes to stuff them there. That’s why there is a beneficiary to it. Imagine how children will feel a sudden nudge when the parent asked for them to accompany them to the registration? Wouldn’t that sort of pinch them to remember they are supposed to be caring to their parents?

Oh ya, after all the sweat (cos DAP office no aircond one), my Tanjung Bungah Adun gave me a mug of ‘cheh chau teh’ (pegaga leaves juice) to cool down. Awww..where to find such nice treatment? I got served by a YB, you know….I feel so humbled with nice policitians like him.

2 thoughts on “Penang Warga Emas video

  1. Next time, just tell Teng Hock Nan if he is so laki, get rid of Koh Tsu Koon who is basically done and useless for Gerakan..Otherwise he is just a female dog and sounds like one…

  2. That Teng Hock Nan very lansi langyong one. When he do that time spend tak tentu never mind. Now that LGE care for the Senior Citizen he talk so much. What’s his problem har? Built the home then tolak all the old folks there. Leave them there till they die there? Ya, built lagi more old folks home and the first one to put there Teng Hock Nan then follow up by his gang. I normally, don’t comment much when it comes to political issue but this time I beh tahan liau. Maybe he think staying at the old folks is very shiok kot.

    – Guan Eng purposely do the program to bring reminder to children to take care of their parents and also to appreciate the old folks for their contribution to the state. Not to build more homes to stuff them there –
    I agree with this sentense. No matter, how difficult and hard – never try to put your old folks at the home. When, we were baby no matter how difficult our parents have never think of giving up on us. They have never gave us away or put us a a shelter home, right? You think a baby and kids are easy to take care off. I am so glad our CM, LGE remind the youngster to appreciate the old folks and their contribution.

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