My lunch and my thoughts

I will show you my lunch and my inspiration thoughts at the same time. We came back from Koh Lipe yesterday instead of today because we decided we are baked enough. It is a beautiful place and I will make another post about it.

white rice

This morning, everyone wakes up early. So, I went to the market to grab some things to cook. Recently, I am hooked on local cili padi with soya sauce. It is so kick-ass. In Thailand, they have sachets of fish sauce meant for rice and it is even more kickass.

salted fish beansprouts

I bought some beansprouts. It has been a long time since I remove the tails (roots) of beansprouts before cooking. I bought 40 sens of beansprouts, sat down and slowly remove the roots while I was reading a book about Lent.

(soup with mushrooms)

And I wonder if I have been doing it wrong. I mean trying hard to be vegetarian as a Catholic during Lent. I took a long time to get rid of those darn roots of the beansprouts. One by one. I think there must be thousands of ’em roots! So, I read and read.

pork leg stew
(pork leg with mushrooms and dried oysters)

My thinnest son went to breakfast with hubby and I. So, I asked him to follow me to the wet market and see if he likes the smell of the place. He is so sure he wants to take up culinary arts though I am pretty sure he will do well in mass comm as his English is good. Oh yeah, that monkey bluffed me he failed miserably in his exam.

I got punked. He took his SPM result, didn’t sms me, I sms him, he said he got only one credit and the rest are D and E and F. And I actually believed him, told hubby and we both bo-chup, wutudo, our kid is not so bright, it is our fault. Then, the monkey phoned me while I was out. He asked me if I had looked at my FB status. He put on his emo voice like he is putting a suicide note.

Oh I digressed. My thin-thin son loves pork. So, I mun-chee-keok today because I didn’t do it during CNY.


Anyway, my son’s result is not too bad. He got a couple of As, many credits and he failed Add Maths just like how I did when I was in Form 5. Add Maths is a waste of time so I told them to not bother about it. He never study, never take tuition so ok lah…

So, what’s my inspirational thoughts? Well, sometimes we worked too hard trying to please God. I guess God is such a big, divine being, He couldn’t care less if we please Him or not. He probably expects us to please our humankind by showing them Christ-like characteristics.

And you are curious if I ate the pork leg stew or not? Nay, don’t be busybody.

7 thoughts on “My lunch and my thoughts

  1. Welcome back!!! Can you unfriend that mudafarker that is tagging you in photos!!!

    Tmoro I am going to sabai sabai in HYT. Bye!!!

  2. wah lau eh…that mun chee keok looks damn good lor…..and I don’t normally like chee keok wan. err..except for chee keok chou (I think I downed pots of these stuff during my confinement until my arteries must look like chee keok already). ok, ok, better stop all this chee keok talk since u on vegetarian…

  3. WAH… yum yumm…. could you please share your mun chee cheok recipe ??… PLEASE…. I’m super homesick now and super hungry d… looking at your photos… THanks!!

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