Enjoy the day for what it is

Very often, people live for that ultimate moment.

Lots of people have that
1) Wait until I make more money
2) Wait until the children are older
3) Wait until we move out of our monster-in-law home
4) Wait until we retire
5) Wait until the kids are financially independent

and so on and so forth.

In the process, we forget to enjoy the day. The day when the morning sun rise till the time when our head hits the pillow.

This thought came to me this morning. It is the school holidays. All my three older children don’t wake up so early. My little boy and I were already awake by 9 am.

He has always wanted to eat Sausage McMuffin. It is a rare opportunity to him because normally on weekends, we forgot all about McDonald’s. On weekdays, it is one mad rush for school.

So, he asked nicely, “Mommy…can I have Sausage McMuffin for breakfast please?” and puts on his cute, puppy eyes face which I taught him to manipulate his father. Hahaha.

“Of course! Let’s go!”

And we drove to Gurney Plaza at almost 10 am. It is a very short drive. But we managed to chat. I am not sure how the topic comes up but I was telling him how lucky he is. He was comparing how he hasn’t been to Italy and Paris while his older brothers had.

1) He was taken care by me since birth. I told him I carried him around the house like a treasure. He said, “Oh, like a pirate’s treasure chest?”
2) He doesn’t need to go to daycare.
3) He has me to fetch him to and fro from school.
4) He gets to eat Sausage McMuffin!

He gave his ‘I am thinking hard’ look and said, “Oh ya hor. Ko-ko they all have to go daycare, sit bas sekolah, stay at babysitter place, I no need hor. That one is call lucky lah?”

“Ah boh? (if not?) How about I go to work 9 to 5, and you take a bas sekolah to daycare? You want? You want? Then we got lots of money to spend on you. But no time for Sausage McMuffin, ok? Mommy must take leave like papa, long long only get a few days.”

That’s when I got this divine nudge that I should thank God for the carefree days. It is really a wonderful day. I guess that sums up what trusting God is. I have been reading a bit and faith is about leaving it to God to guide our lives. Just like how God called Abraham to move from place to place, not knowing exactly what he is getting except the promise of descendants numbering like the stars in the sky.

Me? I will quietly play my role as the mom until God finds something interesting for me to do. God says, “Ah, Lilian, stop dreaming of your ‘I want to be a mission worker, working in faraway places”. Cos I freaked out at tiny bamboo huts with no aircond and small compact toilet and bathroom. The other day, we stayed in an 8-bed aircond, resort. Next day, they do not have that room anymore. So, we moved to an aircond room and a non-aircond hut because rooms were limited.

Wuah, I am so spoilt, I decided we are coming home after one night. Thank you God for the aircond, creature comforts hotel rooms. And the husband who earns enough to spoil me. Thank God for routine life with Sausage McMuffin. (it is egg mcmuffin for me, ok?)

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  1. So nice to be able to enjoy a tête-à-tête McD breakfast with your youngest boy. Savour the moment! 🙂

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