Thank goodness I am not born a dick

If I behave more, I am growing halo on my head. So, lemme crap a bit, ok?

For someone who hates caves, small spaces and dark places, I must be out of my mind to get my children and hubby to travel to the Phu Pa Pet cave. Let’s call it the Pet Pet cave, can?


We drove and drove through Thai countryside to this place where they have an awesome cave. Well, at least that’s what the Thai Tourism brochure said.

Before I even reach there, I was already hoping to squirm out of the climb. The cave is located high up on a hill. I thought it is something easy like our Perlis Gua Kelam. But no…it goes up hill and climbing it almost kill me already. We ran out of water somemore.


The entrance is sooo tiny and one has to crawl on fours to get in. It is dark, very dark.


I was breathless, dark until my legs also went soft and I hate the cold, quiet cave. I have no mood to take any photos though some of the formations are really breath-taking. I only took a few photos just to whine, rant and show off how brave I was. A person who hates cave went all the way up north in southern Thailand to visit one.

But I think I have a good sense of humour. While trudging, grudgingly inside, I told myself that I am lucky I am not born a dick. Imagine having to do cave exploration all my life? Ewwss…forcing its way into tiny spaces, usually tight and the place is so dark and slippery. No wonder dicks have to vomit all the time.

Back to caving, at one point, we lost our direction. The Thai group has gone somewhere. They don’t have a freaking Exit sign, only Thai words. So, we walked around in circle. And finally found the exit.

Wuah, I was so glad to see the bright lights of the entrance. No wonder all dicks usually went limp out of exhaustion after a caving adventure. *shivers* Still glad I am human and not a dick.

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