Today, I asked my little boy to sit on my lap for some huggies time. He was too busy doing something. So, I told him, “Ha, don’t let mommy hug, mommy go make another baby to hug, can?”

His face changed. He said, “Go lor, you make new baby no fuji apple cheeks like me, no one wants to say cute.”

I just look through the photos I took with my handphone in January during his breaktime. Now, in March, his face has changed already. The cuteness is slowly turning into a boy’s face.

I then asked him. “If you grow up already, then, what is mommy going to hug wor? No more cute baby like you? When you are as big as Jeff kor-kor (age 20), can I put you on my lap and hug somemore?”

He laughed. “You stupid one, I sit on you, you die! I so big already, how to sit on your lap?”

Sigh…kids grow up too fast.

So, mommies, don’t miss the chance of spending time with your kids. It is worth foregoing the career, money, self-esteem, colleagues, self-identity and everything to spend the days talking silly stuffs with them.

Once they are grown, it is useless trying to catch up. You can’t find the bond there anymore. The time with our kids are not long. Once they are older, they are living their own life already. We have no place there anymore. The early years are the most crucial and that’s when we form the character and personality of the adult they are going to be.