The inventions now are so lame compared to my generation

What are the latest inventions that you guys know of recently? They are all pretty lame, isn’t it? Another gadget, another handphone, another faster broadband, cup that enable women to pee standing up and such.

These are nothing like the inventions of my time.

Back then, we had

1) Gas!
I remembered we used to cook using wood fire and charcoal. My mom had a long, steel pipe which we need to blow to get the fire going. Also, in the kitchen is the fan made of some palm leaves. Our stove is a huge thing made of cement.

Then, there were gas. Gas stove and gas tank, delivered to our home. No more blowing. No more dirty soot and flying ashes.

2) Colour TV or rather TV station with colour
Then, there was the colour TV and TV3 which was the first national TV with colour. Back then, Lionel Ritchie’s Hello was so popular. Wow, it took my breath away when I first watch a TV show with colours. It was in KL at a friend’s place when I was about 18, I think.

3) Stick on pad
Before there was Sanita, there was only Kotex. Kotex with strings. You need to use a cotton ribbon to tie the pad. Never used that cos when I started needing it, they already have Sanita. Peel off and stick on. How easy.

4) Instant noodle
I think the first brand of instant noodle was Vit Mee. The buzz about it was so huge. We can now eat noodles from Japan that takes only a few minutes to prepare. I remembered buying them from the ‘ke leng nga tiam’ (Indian sundry shop) at Bayan Lepas.

5) Man on the moon
Ok, this is not exactly an invention but how the whole nation talked about Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. I think I was only about 5 years old but could remember people talking about it. Because the moon is no longer the home of the Moon Goddess and all those prayers to her were just pure myths.

Addition : Flush toilet
No more maggots swimming in buckets and night soil carrier with his yellow face walking in the kampung. One pull and your shit disappeared.

Compared to all the above inventions which actually made our life much more fun and exciting, the inventions of today are just a big yawn. I cannot remember anything exciting that has just been invented. Can you?

(this post is inspired by the aroma, taste, sensation and trance-like happiness of eating Maggi Assam Laksa at 12 midnight. I kiss the feet of the genius who invented instant noodle.)

9 thoughts on “The inventions now are so lame compared to my generation

  1. Si hor… Anyway, I am waiting for the invention of a car that can move in the air and in the water. Connect myself with all the continentals. hahahaha… that is what my pa says long long time ago, that one day, we will have a car that move like a ship and the plane.

  2. I love this post! I think my fave invention which isn’t really that new anymore is contact lenses! I don’t need to wear big thick lenses and get laughed at for being a four-eyed frog. Plus, I can have any eye-colour i want. Pfft who needs lasik

  3. It seems that there are no more new inventions as at this moment. All of those new things are innovations. There are no more inventions. at least that what i thought

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