When he gets his clock upside down

This is something I am jotting down because it is one of those things we must keep in our memory. Sometimes, I read through my old posts to remember the past.

So, today, I sternly ordered my boy to take a nap. He usually doesn’t take naps but we had to wake up extraordinary early because I had to drop my #3 son and him at various locations.

He went to sleep about 5 pm. Around 7 pm, hubby phoned that he will reach the airport and planning to take a taxi. Since it has been a while I drove up to Bayan Lepas, I decided it will be good to take my boy to visit the shops at the airport. You know lah, kids love those candy stores.

So, I woke my boy around 7.30 pm. Told him we are going to the airport to buy sweets and chocolates and watch planes arriving. He woke up without a fuss, took a bath and changed into the clothes I laid down on the bed.

He asked me, “Today, we have class you know?”

So, I told him. Yah….

He repeated, “We have class you know? You think no classes meh?”

Puzzled, I told him, “What class, no class lah. Mommy is supposed to go for mass but no one at home so I didn’t go. Jeff ko-ko class finished, he has gone out again.”

He insisted. “We will be late for class you know? It is 8 already. Class starts at 7.30”

He kept on using the word class. If he said school, this blur mommy probably would get his meaning.

Then, as we were driving out, he asked me, “What are these people doing outside?” As usual, in the evenings, the roads from my houses are packed with cars coming for dinner, burger, hawkers etc.

I didn’t get what he mean and asked him to repeat a few times.


I replied, “HOW I KNOW LAH? Maybe some want to go shopping, some want to go eating, some want to go to airport like us….”

We drove on. Passing Metrojaya, he said, “Wow, they open so early today…”

Then, only it hit upon me. My child who slept for 2 hours thought it is the morning. It was soooooo funny. But I cannot laugh because he is very sensitive. I must laugh in the right way and not in the ‘you are so silly’ way or else he will feel hurt and said something like, “Horrr…you say I dumb lah…” With this kid, you cannot even utter any negative words. He will put words into your mouth. Even when you didn’t say it, he will know you are implying it.

It took me a while to explain to him that he only slept for 2 hours and it is night time. He has to sleep again at 10 (sometimes 11 pm). It took him a while to figure out. Sigh…so cute. One time-messed kid and one blur mom.

8 thoughts on “When he gets his clock upside down

  1. But he didn’t wear school uniform, did he?

    The same case happened to me during secondary school. I jumped up from bed and rush to brush teeth, then asked my mum why cook rice so early in the morning. LoL…

  2. LOL… so cute, i have to read twice to get it too.. im blurry this morning! but i know i have office, not school.. LOL..
    did your son have a good laugh when he realized it later?

  3. To me it was the other way round.

    I came back from work many many years ago at around 4pm. Took a nap and woke up at 7am the next day. Showered and wanted to go out for dinner only to realise it was time for breakfast and work again. Niamah!!!

  4. Hahaha..so cute. I remembered it happened to me once too, when I was still schooling. Wondering why was everyone watching TV at 7 in the morning & not getting ready for school and work?? Blur cat..

  5. I love these situations!

    Feels like I’ve gained an extra day to relax and no need to go to school/work yet… hehe

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