A day in the life of superhuman 5xmom

Sometimes, like other people, I wonder where I find the energy to stuff so many things into a day. Serious. It is God’s divine battery, I suppose.

Yesterday morning, after dropping two kids, hubby and I went over to Butterworth to have curry mee and then, dropped hubby in Bandar Perda as his car was at the office. I am not familiar with the area and he drew me a map and gave me repeated instructions on how to get back to the Penang bridge. He is afraid I ended up in Ipoh…

I got back safetly and went to Tesco. SMS him, “I reach Tesco ledi…Tesco in Penang” So, I bought some grocery, came home and prepared gulai ikan and chicken rice for everyone’s lunch.

I purposely dragged my feet a bit as I told myself it is time for my boy to wait for me for a while. Every day, I am there before he gets out of class so it is time he waits for me. To harden and toughen him up mah…Moreover, they assign a teacher to monitor the kids after school hour so it is pretty safe.

The previous day, I spent four hours in court, trying to film a suspected man who rogol a four year old kid. I had to pull myself away from staking out at the court to fetch my boy on time. Thoughts of staying another 10 minutes did come up my mind but I didn’t wait.

So, I thought, let’s see what my boy does when I am late. I am late for about 6-7 minutes. I saw him with an icecream in one hand and a handkerchief in another. Oh, oh…you know my drama king lah…

He said, “Scary…NO NO NO, I mean heavy…” when I opened the car door for him. So, I got into another gentle mother talk with him that sometimes, I may be late for a few minutes but I will sure come. He said, “But last time you slept and forgot to fetch me!”

Wuah, I tell you, he is one cunning chap. The previous day, he suddenly said, “Mom..you know..I hate you when I was in JG?” The hate has the tone of ‘love’ so we talked about the one time when he was in kindie and I was late to fetch him from fullday care (cos he had concert practice). I told him it is not like he had to wait in the hot sun or alone, he was with his kindie friends, watching TV! Aiyor, one time also I kena blacklisted forever.

With my two older children, when I was working, sometimes I was so late, only the Indon maid waited with them. They all also never complained. This little one, sikit sikit, he remembers and complains. *sweats*

Then, in order to sooth him, I allowed him to sit in front so we can talk. So, I was in the midst of trying to wipe out the 6-7 minutes late…….Mana tau, the moment, I turned into the lane, I kena tahan polis…Road tax puan sudah mati satu minggu lor… (the rest cannot be reported lah) Except I told polis, Ele…kesian lah, anak saya kecil, kereta saya kecil….(no I didn’t flash my CJ tag to him because I am wrong for not noticing road tax mati-ed)

We got home, we makan….etc etc. I went out for a Hungi BBQ at Sigi. (read the unique way of cooking at my food blog)

Then, dinner time…I cooked sago with gula melaka and santan for dessert somemore. Wuah, I am into cooking these few days.

After that, at night, I went CJ to cover the vagrants rescue op. I followed these bunch of press people and welfare officers with Rela to round up vagrants and beggars. Lucky, one guy tumpang a few of us in his car or else we will be driving like mad all over town.

Reached home at 1.20 am, cool down, bath and slept at 2 am…..And I woke up at 6.50 am this morning…And another round of things to do…I am cooking chai boey today…

I am superhuman to have that energy and jazz to last all day.

8 thoughts on “A day in the life of superhuman 5xmom

  1. I envy you..so full of energy and so lucky to be able to stay home, cook and do all those wonderful stuff for the family.

  2. Can post your chai buey recipe online ar? I have only found one recipe online (RasaMalaysia) but would like to get more input before I try to make myself…

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