Huge storm outside

A huge storm just hit Tanjung Bungah. The wind was so strong, it gives a howling sound. Rain water came in so I had to close every windows at the front portion of our house. It is damn scary, ok? The wind goes ‘wooooooo’ and the rain pelting down and dried leaves flown into our house with dusts as well.

So, the wife decided to go downstairs to close more windows and sliding door. Check that all the heavy paintings and photos are secured and do not fall onto our new LCD TV. Could have kicked the husband to wake up and jaga his own ‘baby’ (the TV lah) but kesian mah.

There is no time to worry about the laundry at the backyard so let them get super wet.

Meanwhile, just sms-ed my eldest son who is at the cc. Told him stay put and don’t come back till storm over cos he is riding a bike.

Freaky thing is sometimes, it doesn’t rain here but rain in Fettes Park. Now, the wind and rain so heavy here, my son who is in Fettes Park asked me, ‘Very heavy meh?’

That brings me to a thought that I decided to pen down. My little boy’s school is at that flood prone area where my apartment is. What if one day, his school is flooded and I can’t drive to fetch him?

My eldest sister faced this once when her daughter was in Shangwu. At that time, my cousin was living nearby so she went to fetch my niece.

See? A woman always worry too much. I should be sleeping but here I am wondering about the ‘what if’. I must make a mental note to tell my kid that if it floods, mommy will swim to you. Or use the Viva as a boat.

And like all good Christians do, remember Jesus tamed the storm. So, yeah, I am going to sleep now.

6 thoughts on “Huge storm outside

  1. Atm donwan to resubscribe to sports channel ar? Got LCD tv, can watch World Cup in HD wor.

  2. The light strike was quite often too last night. It all started around 2am ++. My house always kena fuse trip whenever there is strong lightning storms.

  3. Got rain meh last night?? Storm? I must be dead asleep.Anyway I live in the south of the island so maybe did not kena.

  4. Don’t worry, its quite common to hear howling wind sounds in tg bunga during a storm. Got used to it after staying here for 2 years plus.

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