Does it matter if you are Malaysian first or Chinese first or manusia first?

Our politicians love to tikam lidah over everything. If you live in Penang, then, all the more to argue, fight, perli, mock and gloat.

For example, some of the efforts put in by the previous government only bloom under the current government. So, the previous politicians are grumbling that the current government is stealing their limelight and credit.

But dudes, you have all lost the seats, the state and the power. So, what else is there to say but to ‘arm-teh’ (silently, painfully squeeze your own balls)? That’s the game. The winner takes it all. Go sing this Abba’s song till you geddit, ok?

It doesn’t help that our Chief Minister is super laser tongue and he just have to go on and on to refute BN’s politicians. It is made worse when UMNO leaders are so used to our previous, gracefully silent Chief Minister who will smile his way through even the most humiliating moments. They forget that now, they have the father, the son and the fighting spirit to bite on their tails over the slightest thing.

The best is, if you ask the CM some provocative questions, it will get him to blast BN even more. Sometimes, I enjoy being a CJ because it is fun to ask things to get him to say what I have in mind but don’t have the power or the immunity to say it. So, put in some tricky questions and tadaaa….it is yet another world vs Lim Guan Eng drama.

Frankly, I never think of myself as a Chinese first or Malaysian first. But if leaders like our DPM said it loud and then, supported by the PM who quoted the constitution that they think it is alright to put their race before the nationality, then, we have to be worried. They have that superior air around them and that makes the rest of us, the dan lain-lain manusia to be second grade, or even third grade. It is unacceptable, don’t you think so?

It is not about dismissing who they are. It is about how secured and comforted we, the citizens, feel under their leadership. I don’t think I like what the DPM had uttered. No no. Time for all of us to think carefully where we stand.

Imagine, if we Chinese start to proudly and loudly proclaim that we put our Chinese roots ahead of being a Malaysian, they will probably accuse us of being a commie. Sad that our DPM did not realise that we have, through the decades and even century mingled, immersed and ended up in the melting pot of being Malaysians. He failed to see that we love our nation as Malaysians and we contributed to the nation as Malaysians.

We didn’t wait till the 1Malaysia concept was born. We had been 1Malaysian long long time ago.

People have asked me, “Aren’t you sick of your idol who always cari gaduh?” NO! Of course, not. It is fun, you know? If he is one of those dead boring politician who says politically correct thing, I’d rather be at home shaking legs than doing this citizen journalism thingie.

It is Good Friday today. Got lots of things to do that include 12 noon PC, 4pm church duty, evening CJ networking…So, be good on Good Friday, ok?

6 thoughts on “Does it matter if you are Malaysian first or Chinese first or manusia first?

  1. No point to publicly declare whether you are a Malaysian first or Malaysian second. What is more important is your actions and behaviour.

    All these politicians are just wasting time talking cock. Now they will argue over such trival matter

  2. isn’t it obvious that koh tsu koon name says it all? (translated to chinese is “si chicken”)

  3. Why must the election commission and all media announced the racial composition of the consituencies ?

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