Aging with an attitude

I hate tuning into the radio in the early morning. What with us just awake, sleepy still and driving in the cold, dark morning with our car lights on…Then, there are those radio DJs who bla bla bla all the way with so many ads in between. Sometimes, I will be cussing under my breath,

“OH SHADDAP already! Who needs to hear another person’s problem at 7 am in the morning, bitch?”

They have those call-in aunt agony program whereby one person will call up with some mundane problems and the rest of the callers will call and give suggestions. Doh…can’t people just talk in their minds to solve their problems instead of airing it over the radio at 7 am?

The other day, Zach and Sara (dunno how to spell their names lah, they are on Lite FM one?) had one so-called expert doctor on their show. Then, this girl phoned up and told them her mom is acting like a teen, wearing her clothes and wanting to go out with her friends.

So, this so-called expert, Zach and Sara pun play the political correct advisors. Told the girl maybe her mom needs to spend more time with her, bring her along yadda yadda yadda. Aww…come on, if I am them, I would say, Shoot her! Buy her a mirror!

Then, this so-called expert talked about aging with an attitude. Pthooi lah, he himself already got problem dealing with his own wife, somemore wanna teach people how to grow old. I don’t want to elaborate to much cos later they sue me, you know? But he was using a very simply example and he went on and on like he so clever likedat.

You know what, ah? They should invite me to be their aunt agony one of these mornings. I go to their studio (btw, I had been in Shazmin and Richard’s show many years ago) and answer all those stupid morons who can’t even solve a simple problem in life.

But then, we live in Malaysia. So, that’s why we are all so oppressed and depressed. Everyone wants to appear good and nice, no one dares to voice out. Not happy with husband, the wife dare not tell him off.

Aiyor, stupid or wert? One woman said she suspects her husband is cheating on her. Simple nia, hire a private investigator lor, make sure he has pin holes camera. Get all the clips she can. First, expose him, sue him, get all the properties. Next, sell those clips to those sites like ‘amateur’ or ‘homemade video’ or ‘Asian’ or ok ok, that’s all.

Then, another woman said she wants to marry at late 40s and wonder if she can still find a man to love her for what she is. Another moron. If you need to call up a radio station to ask, it means, no man wants you liao lah. Baru have to resort to this sort of thing. Late 40s, all sag liao, who wants you for what you are lah? Unless you are darn rich and can afford to sustain a useless, jobless man to screw you. Do like some spinsters do lah. One of them said I am single because my god intended me to be like this. Yayayaya, even your god also know you too fugly lah.

Oh ya, my title. I forgot about my blog title. So, what is Aging with an attitude?
1) If you have andropause or menopause, please seek your doctor’s help.
2) Speak your mind and don’t give a shit to those who are offended because most probably they are having andropause or menopause and their egos are easily dented.

As for me, I have two patches of white hair. One on my left forehead, one on my right forehead. If you watched 101 Dalmatians the cartoon movie, you will know how Cruella De Vil looks like. That’s how my hair is turning into. I am still wondering if I want to dye my hair or enjoy being Cruella De Vil. Cannot make up my mind yet.

3 thoughts on “Aging with an attitude

  1. Cannot make up your mind whether to keep the look can call to the radio and ask for expert’s advice mah. LoL…

  2. I don’t switch on my car radio in the morning.All I hear is yak, yak, yak.Not to mention the English that is spoken.

    Ya, you go on radio, I’ll switch on and listen. Give it to the people kau-kau la. And see who else wants to call up.

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