Man, mankind and their manhood

Before it slips my mind, lemme share some wisdom with the women. Many women are clueless about this brotherhood of man.

Usually, I have breakfast all over the hawker centres in Penang. It depends on my mood and my cravings.

One morning, a couple of weeks ago, I was having Hokkien Mee near Tanjung Bungah wet market.

Do you notice how wasteful some couples are? Husband will buy The Star, wife will buy China Press or some Chinese papers. Then, they will sit down and read their respective newspapers.

That was during the height of Jack Neo affair with that Ah Lian model. So, the wife was telling the husband while his face was buried deep in The Star. She told the husband, “Chi leh si ta por, kah ha leh kiap-si hiao poh on di ee ea Toyota” (translates – this asshole of a man with that ugly slut ON in the Toyota).

And guess what the husband said?


See? Men are likedat one. You must never talk about another cheating husband in his face one.

Then, she got even more excited, “lu khua, lu khua, kok sau ee ea moh” (see, see, somemore swept the car for hairs).


Later on…a few days ago, I went to Pulau Tikus to have koay teow thng. And again, the same scene. Wife reading Sin Chew, husband reading The Star.

So, the wife was grumbling, “Aiyor, anneh eh ta po koh eh eaya Mah Wah eh thau. Ee ea lau bo chia ku chor thar moh liao.” (aiyor, like this man somemore can win Mah Wah president. His old wife had done her hair.”


So, wives out there, don’t bother to gossip about a cheating husband with your husband, ok? Waste gas nia.

Even if you talk about Tiger Woods, you will only get…


Cos you see, men and mankind protect their manhood.

Not like us women. If we start gossiping about other women, we will be spitting saliva on our own womenkind. For eg. some women told me that Jack Neo’s wife control all his money, so that’s why she can endure his shits. Another said, CSL’s wife so old already, what for forego all his properties? Others said Tiger’s wife is so pretty, easily she can find another husband because ‘angmohs’ boh kira anneh cheh eh. (mat sallehs men don’t care so much, whether married or not)

Haih…I was supposed to sleep 30 minutes ago….

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