Die white or dye black?

My scalp secretes oil like a Petronas oilfield in the offshore of Terengganu. I need to wash my hair every morning or else it will turn into golliwog style. As I have curly hair, when it gets oily, it gets curlier.

So, yesterday morning, I thought of dropping my son and didn’t wash my hair. I went to sit down at a coffeeshop at Pulau Tikus, ordered a bowl of curry mee and an sms came in. URGENT, Tsunami alert …PC at 8.45 am. Reply if you get this.

It was 7.45 am at that time. So, I quickly cancelled my order, rush to the car, wasted 30 sen parking and drove all the way home. I didn’t have my camera and was only wearing a very old, comot bermuda. You know how jammed the roads are, right?

Got home, grabbed whatever clothes I found at the back of my door, packed and zoomed out of the house. It is a tsunami alert, don’t play-play. I want the excitement of listening to disaster hitting Penang.

Now, I live in Tanjung Bungah, the press conference is at Bayan Lepas near the airport. 45 minutes, I should be able to make it. Little did I know that the roads are so jammed with factory workers going to work.

I used the Yeap Chor Ee Road and my poor little Viva had to climb at 80 km/h. Poor little thing went ‘oooo…..huuuuuu…oooo…huuuu…’.I should hv driven the Persona but it would mean getting my tripod from one car to another.

I reached Bukit Jambul at 8.45 am and the red lights was taking so long. So, I sms and asked if PC starts yet. I was thinking, if too late, I may as well go eat loti-kaynui
at Sungai Tiram.

Got to Bayan Baru and someone phoned me. She said, “He said he will wait for you to reach.” Wuah, can laujiu kind of tension. But I guess by that time, there is no longer any emergencies so they probably lepak around since they had got there.

It is my first time going to the jabatan kaji cuaca. During those red light stops, I started firing up my gears, put on the camera, check white balance settings, take out press tag, hang it on my neck etc.

I ran down with my camera, decided to leave my backpack in the car. Got to the guard, he said I must have IC. Two policemen also said, “Apa? Kad polis tak boleh, kena IC?” So, boh pien, I ran back to my car, take my IC and ran back again.

Got through the guard post, had to walk a distance to the DCA building. It is actually in the airport itself, with runways and all. No wonder security so tight lah.

Phew..it was 9 am, I think. Imagine the amount of oil and sweat I had secreted with all that rushing…

Got a couple of hot topics, glad that I made it.

After that, I couldn’t stand my hair! I feel like pulling them out of my scalp. It was so oily, floppy and ugly. I went to my hairdresser and asked her, ’40 minutes, enough time time to wash and cut or not? If not, at least wash’. I need to pick my son and go to another event at McD. That’s why I didn’t have much time to go home.

My hairdresser made time for me because all the other aunties are not in a hurry. After all, how hard is it to cut this tomboy’s hair? I told her to chop off all my brownish hair. I want to stop dyeing my hair because I love the patches of white hairs. It is so cool to have white hairs, ok?

But she told me my hair will be oily and if I dye it, it will be less oily. She asked me to return and have a hair dye soon. I don’t know lah, I actually look forward to have white hairs because it is a symbol of being wiser, seen more of the world than others, confident (unlike those aunties who die-die want to look young) and it has attitude.

So, how? Die white or dye black (or rather brown?). My hairdresser said my hair is extra-ordinary black and curly, compared to others. Of course lah, that’s where I get my seh-moh (obnoxious) streak from. All my siblings don’t have curly hair, only me. They are all nice-nice one, not like me, fighting cock one.

7 thoughts on “Die white or dye black?

  1. Lilian

    As a McD regular, do you realise that the one at Green Lane charges 10 sen more for every item ? I called to check and they say that due to the high rental of the place, etc. Wah, I always thought that only the McD at Gentings and KLIA charge higher.

  2. Want to control the oil? Get those oil absorbing paper that you use when you do deep frying, wrap around your hair, and wrap your hair under a turban! Each time the paper gets too oily, just change another piece! Hahahaha!

    Long time never visit your blog. You still championing breastfeeding?

  3. aiyah.. I also got the same problem. Everyday kena wash hair, if not, look like wet mop on my head and so not pretty!

    Leave your hair white patches la.. stylo mah.. as for oily scalp, bo pian one la… it is the hormones la.. at least your hair are not falling out like autumn leaves ok….

  4. bleach it all white, that way, u get white as you want, and has the same effect.

  5. dSaint – Wuah…long time no see…Ya…I wudn’t mind going all white but unfortunately, I don’t look like any anime characters and will end up like a witch instead.

    bumkimyew – So sienz, right? Mine turned curly.

    Su May – Also long time no see…Still as humourous. I long long no involve in breastfeeding liao. Old and saggy boobs liao, who can believe me lah? But my nieces are breastfeeding their babies so I guess it has rubbed off, huh?

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