I so love this video – Walk for Sight 2010

In terms of ‘serving God’ in the Christian term, I am not one of those kind samaritans who can devote all his/her life to doing the same thing. It is not that I love God less or I am not so Christiany or what but it is my nature that I cannot sit still in one place for long.

I always have this crazy thought that even life itself is not permanent. If my mom is around, she will probably give me a few good tight slaps because of my ‘crow’s mouth’. When we were kids, we cannot talk about the word ‘death’. Or anything that can invite bad luck.


But nay…I don’t subscribe to those things. No wonder I can go on those scary rides like the above Space Drop without worrying if I am going to be dead of heart attack or some technical mishaps.

Let me put the above video that I shot on Sunday morning. Not many people will struggle out of bed at 7 plus am on a Sunday to go to a place where no one invites you. The Lion’s Club invited a lot of press but no one asked me. Never mind…I went because I believe at this point in my life, I am into sharing videos of charitable bodies. Last year, I was into volunteering at Mt. Miriam. Then, one of the nun in an old folks home asked me if I can spend a few mornings reading and talking about the news to the old folks there. I haven’t decide because I love my flexible time to do CJ.


So, yesterday morning, I got to the Padang Polo and wasn’t sure what and how to cover the event. I tried talking to a few walking blind people but hahahaha, I am too dumb to realise that they probably can’t communicate with an annoying woman asking them stupid questions.

Then, I spotted the kids from the Sek. Kanak-Kanak Terencat Akal (I think it is a bad name for special kids, you know?) and decided to follow them instead. Once upon a time, Doc C had told me my son Vincent may be one of these kids. So, I had broken down that fear of disabled kids. Admit it, people, many of us are fearful of people different from us. We do not know how to talk to them, we are afraid of their looks, we tend to treat them differently. They are not. They are just like us. The kids are just as lovable, warm and in fact, more trusting and readily embrace us.

After the walk, there were speeches. It was under the hot, hot, hot, glaring, burning sun. But I am one of those rare, stubborn one who sticks to doing something inspite of not knowing what to cover. But hey, I got a few nice clips of nice people with inspiring words.

Part of the speech from Mr. Daniel Soon touched me. He was quoting the lyrics of Winds Beneath My Wings which is a song that I had sort of labelled ‘Vincent’s memorial song’. And the police chief surprised me with some warm speeches. We always have that distrust of them, seeing them as the authoritarians. But he tried to change the perception and I will give him a second look. I had seen the Penang police worked during demos and though I had said they are not as bad as the public portrayed them, many disbelieve.

So, overall, I managed to produce a video on the St. Nicholas’ Home for the visually impaired funds raising Walk For Sight 2010.

3 thoughts on “I so love this video – Walk for Sight 2010

  1. ya, I do agree. “Charity” this word have many deviation in difference people. As for me, I would love to help as I feel greatful and I feel happy too once I am able to give. Btw, that’s a great video that you had made, can teach me?

  2. hi, i am one of the blind people from St. Nicholas’ Home whom you had promptly interviewed during the Walk for Sight event at Padang Polo. thank you so much for supporting our activity. well, i had to promptly stopped the video at the moment i heard myself uttering the very first sentence as an answer to your question. i was horribly horrified by how bad my voice have sounded.. anyway, it’s a great video despite it is interrupted by my horrible sounding voice. anyway, how may i contact you?

  3. Hi Seong – Of course, I remember you. Been meaning to return and make a better video for public awareness but never got around to it, yet. No, you didn’t sound horrible at all. But we are such, always afraid to hear our own voice. When I first time recorded my own video and my voice, I shut my eyes, close my ears and hide under the table when the video was played back in front of an audience! Now, I am used to it, whether people find it horrendous or not, that’s me! You can write to me at the5xmom at gmail.com. Take care! Your video has inspired many. I am merely the instrument carrying it, the bravery lies in all of you who brave the world inspite of your eyesight.

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