Name me a video by me which you remember most

Without sounding like a vainpot, can I ask if you can recall any of my videos which you remember most. Or touched you most. Or leave an impression on you most. Or make you aware of an issue most.

I am asked to choose a couple of my own videos and I don’t know where to start also.

So, be a darling, post in the comment box or my Facebook, which video you remember most? No need to give title or URL of the Youtube. Just bla bla bla away.

For eg. there was this video you took at Kampung Buah Pala where the woman threatened to burn herself. Or that video about Nine Emperor Gods or whatever.

Faster faster, I got deadline to submit one.

9 thoughts on “Name me a video by me which you remember most

  1. The Little Sisters one šŸ™‚ Not because I’m in there šŸ˜‰ but the part where you interviewed the elderly uncle was so touching and showed what the Little Sisters have done for the senior citizens.

  2. Sheryl – Yahor, that one too. I have to pick one each on human rights, ethnicity and religious tolerance. I had picked but not so sure if what I like is what people like. That uncle died liao and you know what? He left a sum of money and gave to all the residents of Little Sister, the nuns and his relatives. So sad hor? But praise God he left peacefully.

  3. Bryan – Yakah, I didn’t know that one also interesting to others. Actually, I wasn’t very satisfied with that take cos I didn’t manage to make LGE cry. Hahaha, I already planned to do it, but when he gets personal, I changed topic too quick cos I went alone and scared later I pulak yang cried. If I have other CJ with me, I can at least cry and let Jimmy jaga camera hahaha.

  4. I was going to say its the one with Malayan banking staff giving money to senior citizen – So 1Malaysia mah..Najib talk, LGE do. but Its a Jimmy Video.

  5. One of your first videos, taken infront of Kuan Im Temple, interviewing a little Indian girl. Also video about homeless people there.

  6. My personal favorite was the one about the homeless in Penang. Really moving how you interviewed them in the streets at night.

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