This morning, I woke up at 7 am, took a quick bath and send my son to school at 7.10 am.

The reason I wake so late is because we have 2 bathrooms. One will be occupied by my #3 son and one is meant for my #5 son. Since they need longer time to prepare, I usually let them bath first.

Meanwhile, it is my husband who will attend to the little one because he is not as forgetful as I. He will remember the handkerchief on the right side pocket, the wallet on the leftside pocket, RM3 in wallet, water bottle filled and put into schoolbag side pocket, socks, boxers, pants, shirts and the usual, early morning father-son chat.

This morning, hubby who is driving #3 son, signaled me from the back. I don’t get what he was saying. So he phoned me. We have Celcom family plan so phone calls are free.

“Harlow…you have taken his school bag?”

Aiyor, you see lah…

So, after I sent the boy to school, I don’t know where I am going. So poor of me, directionless.

Therefore, I went to the Pulau Tikus market. Bought some pork, some fish and lala, vege. RM100, left only about RM30.

Then, I went to find breakfast. Again, directionless cos I don’t know what to eat.

So, I went to try Jones Road mee goreng but the uncle is not ready yet. Then, I cincai ordered the curry mee next to the mee goreng cos earlier, the hawker thought I was going to order her curry mee when I squeeze through to mee mamak stall.

I am very nice one mah, don’t want to disappoint her. So, I ordered. You know what? She had a photo of her with Dr. Porntip. Her stall puts ‘Best Curry Mee in Town’. Wanna bluff meh? Just because Dr. Porntip ate there, simply claim liao.

I wanted to take a photo of the curry mee and post on my Facebook but that coffeeshop hor, damn packed one. They put one long stretch of tables and chairs and everyone has to share tables. So, I shy to take out my handphone camera to snap a picture.

Morning market crowd consist mostly of aunties, retirees and bored housewives like me lah.

Now, I am cooking tau yew bak with or nuis and boiling lotus root soup. Later cook rice and then, fetch kid.

That concludes the boring housewife, boring routine life of this bored housewife. Oh yeah, of course, I did many other things beside the above like harvesting peanuts, bitching about media ethics, a new high score on Bejeweled…..

Haih…whoever reads this, you are as mou-liu as I am.