My selected video

Our citizen journalist group, i.e. is having a conference on May 1st and 2nd in KL. One of the highlight is to find the best CJ video.

I was asked to submit three videos on human rights, religious tolerance and ethnicity. This video was selected :

I would have preferred this video of Kampung Buah Pala :

It was a messy video but that’s the live and real filming of the last days of Kampung Buah Pala.

Anyway, we get to vote for the videos. Some of the other CJs videos are more deserving, especially the one from Sarawak by CJ Pairin. There is a public voting too but I haven’t have time to sit down and look for the link. Remember to vote for me and my CJ friends, ok?

A few of you suggested the homeless series but unfortunately, those are not filmed entirely by me and it is hard for me to submit a joint-project.

I am off to Bayan Lepas now. My old hometown. I hope I have enough time and battery life to shoot my old pekan before they do anything drastic to it. As it is, we already lost our cinema. Where ticket price was 40 sen and 65 sen. Guaranteed to get you scratching with whatcallit that bak-sat? Bed bugs? I hope the sng-uan stall is still there. And the Indian sundry shop where I used to bring bananas for them to sell.

Ta ta!