Penang Bridge toll issue

I took this video yesterday.

I am not sure why but several people like the video. So, thought maybe I should share it here so more people are aware of the Penang Bridge toll issue.

When we have an accountant for a Chief Minister, we can trust that he will calculate everything right down to the cents.

I must make a mental note to carry a calculator with me next time so that when the CM bla bla bla all the figure, I can start calculating as well.

Yesterday, he paused and asked the media, “What does the figure says. Come, you media people tell me, don’t always rely on the chief minister.” You see, the company has already collected a profit (CM call it extraordinary profit) of RM732m as at 2006.

I wanted to blurt out, “That means we can start to use the bridge for free?” But I cannot because too many video cameras are running so I had to keep quiet.

You know, Penangites? We pay taxes. The money goes to the Federal Gov. We then pay bridge toll lah, ferry fees lah, airport taxes lah…macam-macam lagi. All also go to Federal Gov or the concession company. Satu sen pun kita tak dapat. Then, the money allocated to Penang under the 9th Msian plan and the 10th Msian plan, are not in the same ratio we Penangites contributed. A lot will be channeled to other states.

You understand yet? It is like your stepfather forced you to give all your income to him. But he gives you only little pocket money but gave all to your stepbrothers likedat. Boleh faham sekarang?

Now, what do we get? They are planning to increase the bridge toll. And I just read that the ferry once again makes noise that they are not reaping profits and are not going to operate 24 hrs on weekends.

Haih, likedis, we all go ‘thiau hai’ easier lor.

2 thoughts on “Penang Bridge toll issue

  1. Actually the story of the bridge is even worst than you say. Imagine, someone want to hire you but your stepfather says the person have to pay him a big fee up front to hire you (like maid agency..lah), then the person cannot give you a high salary. From that small salary, you pay etc. etc. -same as your story.

    Lim Chong Eu and his cronies stole from the project and the cost escalated something like 30%-40% more than it should have been. That initial cost is compounded by more stealing under Mahathir..Its amazing Penang folks still pay the toll now. If I were them, i tear down the toll booth by now..

  2. We should just do wat one of ur sons said not long time ago, row Penang state to else where……….cut frm M’sia

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