“Old man drives old car”

There is nothing like a kid to make you burst out laughing and forget the tensions of the day.

This morning, I forgot to take my wallet and phone from my handbag and put into my CJ bagpack. I only realised it during a press conference. So, I was a bit panic because I have no money to get out of the car park.

During the press conference, I was digging my backpack, hoping to find a few ringgits that I may have slotted in there. None! Only a few 50 sen coins. I figure I could at least find RM3 of coins in my car so I didn’t borrow money.

The thing is, even if I want to borrow, I don’t know who to ask because I am not familiar with the reporters and I won’t even think of asking one of the Aduns to lend me. If it is the CM, maybe I can ask him, CM, CM, can you lend me RM3 ? He may think I want to borrow to open a company with paid up capital of RM3.

So, I got out of the car park with six coins and a petrol tank empty blinking icon. But I had to pray hard the police never stop me or I will be summoned again. Only this time, I have no ‘bargaining power’ like last time. No wallet mah..

It was already 11.05 am and my son class ends at 12.05 pm. I got to the junction of Jalan Burmah and cannot decide if I want to zoom home, grab my wallet, risk being late or go to my son’s school. I figure out I cannot let the engine running and I won’t even have money to buy myself a glass of cold soyabean milk. So, I drove really fast home, all the while hoping my car won’t mati enjin.

Got back, threw my CJ bag, grabbed my handbag, take the other car keys and out I went again. Little while later, I notice the petrol sign also blinking. Aiyorrr…no time to pump petrol so I pecut and hope won’t mati enjin also.

After I picked my son, we went to have lunch and he wanted to go out of the way to get some icecream. I told him my car has no petrol and I won’t risk it. So, he said, “Scared lor, dunno your car can die in the middle of the road or not.” I taught my son to express his feelings and that’s what he does now. Expresssss…

I assured him, “No worries lah, if car died in the middle of the road, mommy gets down, sexy sexy, waves and uncle stop and he drives us happily ever after ….”

He quickly retorted, “Cannot lah!”

Then, we both keep quiet. I thought my son has the right moral of not having uncles driving mommy.

But further down the road, he said, “You no sexy liao, so old already! Nobody wants to stop for you.”


I was busy concentrating on the noon day school jam so I didn’t immediately replied. He thought I am hurt. Sad until no sound comes out.

He continued, “Because old man drives old old car nia, not nice one.”

I laughed till cannot breathe. And no more tension of no money, no phone, no petrol.

Sigh…thank God for kids.

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  1. RM2 company set up 2 months before open tender sounds very suspicious. Thank God for people like LGE of Pakatan Rakyat and he is a trained accountant.

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