Learning to be thankful like Makcik Nur

Fuyoh, I notice my loghat Penang punya BM has gotten more polished nowadays. I used to speak really fluent BM and if you don’t see me, you will mistook me for being a Malay. But after I stopped working and the only ‘thing’ I talk to is my computer and family, the tongue doesn’t roll so well. Recently, I do have more chance of using it again.

Yesterday, I knew about the visit of the CM to a poor family in Air Itam. Taking a chance, I went there early so that I can film before the entourage of VIPs and press members arrived. And you know what? I didn’t lost my way in the maze of kampung roads. I am soooo proud of myself for once!

You know why? It is one of those days when I start my journey with a prayer. I said, “Oh Lord…I am going for my CJ. Help me to understand the purpose and let me see what You want people to see. No jams and please get me there without getting lost. Amen!”

It is a gift and a privilege for us to mix with the poor. I always remember that Jesus’s reminder. Let’s face it, if not for some faith in me, I can frankly tell you that I wouldn’t want to spend a lazy, hot Sunday afternoon going out. It is not a pleasant thing, the home is stuffy and hot. Due to poverty, the mattress and sofa are old and emits all kinds of ‘aroma’. But believe it, if you go sincerely with an open heart, you won’t notice all that.

I had a nice, heartwarming and uplifting time with Makcik Nur before the entourage of VIPs arrived. After they left, I stayed back because I felt reluctant to just fled.

Jimmy and I accepted a cup of coffee from her. She was very uncomfortable because she said she doesn’t have cold drinks at home and she couldn’t offer it to the CM and the press. I told her not to worry, they will understand. (I went into her kitchen and sadly, I don’t see any food lying around. There are so many kids, I don’t see a single biscuit or bread around, sad huh?)

Before I leave, she told me to visit her during Raya. I am so touched. I gave her a hug and she kissed my cheeks. It is the greatest reward for me. To be able to earn the acceptance of Makcik Nur. I thank God for that.

So, if anyone of you wish to help the family, go find them at Jalan Lintang in Air Itam. There are 6 kids altogether. Such adorable, cute kids who are so cheerful. When the mother (Makcik Nur adopted 2 daughters) goes to work, the little kid stays at home with Makcik Nur.

8 thoughts on “Learning to be thankful like Makcik Nur

  1. Lillian,
    You bring tears to my eyes. Yes it is a definite privilege to be able to love the poor. It humbles our heart and make us more grateful of what we have. I just visited some Iraqi refugee here in my town. I am in the US. They are so dignified people and I am honored for the opportunity to help them. My God bless your life and your work.
    And BTW your Penang malay is truly awesome… I wouldn’t believe it was you !!!!

  2. Hi Lilian,

    Apa sudah jadi with you these days ah? You seldom write about the socio-political of the country anymore kah? I noticed you are now more interested in covering the CM only lah. Change of heart (or taste) kah?

  3. Frederick – Wuah…you so observant hor? FYI, the CM is the chief of the state and hence, whatever news, mostly come from him. And I can’t touch too much on the BN/UMNO side cos I am being observed. One wrong move or choice of word, I cud get into trouble. Is it worth it to ‘entertain’ people like you?

  4. Lilian, your Faith posts are so touching, they always makes me want to cry for some reason. Or maybe it’s just my pregnancy hormones. God bless you and people like you and people like them too.

  5. Lilian, Kalau takut dilambung ombak, jangan berumah tepi pantai or if you are afraid of the heat, please get out of the kitchen.

    I don’t think it is about “entertaining people like me” but rather upholding or living up to the expectations of a citizen jouurnalist.

    So, now that you have decided to be a PLP to the CM, God bless you lor…:p

  6. Ya, I poh lam par, so what business is it of yours? Don’t try to be smart alec lah, there is no such things as the citizen journalism creed. By talking like there is, just make you look foolish, not understanding what CJ is.

  7. Hehehe….at least you live up to the name of “Obnoxious 5xMom”. Jangan lekas marah aunty, nanti lekas tua. Anyway, with your PLP stunt, you are in no position to criticize that Jelapang new “Datuk” Hee bcos you and her pun 2×5. Bye bye Lilian….:p

  8. Grateful for people like you would do what you have been doing as a CJ, in this case highlighting the plight of the poor; regardless of what some ‘smart alec’ said, really can’t stand people who like to attribute motive. Keep up the good work and your cakap melayu teror lah.

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