Long break indeed

Here is one video I just shot yesterday. I hope it helps us to understand the Punjabi community more. I could have gotten someone who is the ‘authority’ in Sikhism to talk but hey, how many of us want to hear serious stuffs, huh?

Instead, I asked the people appointed who manage the booth at the Vasakhi festival to tell me more about Sikhism and Punjabis.

It was just a short interview but I had learned about Punjabis, Sikhism, their dos & don’ts more than any other sources.

I had taken a long break over the last few days and didn’t bother to post because Hulu Selangor was fun to monitor. Plus I attended an event and sometimes two in a day. I have a stack of videos yet to be edited.

I went to the 90-day for moms event by N.U.B.E. (the bank workers union) on Friday. They are trying to get a million signatures and petition for 90 days maternity leave.

That reminds me that I only took 28-30 days maternity leave when I had my first to third babies. My boss couldn’t do without me in the office and I had to sacrifice for the good of the world. *just joking, ok?* Or maybe, I couldn’t wait to get back to work, far away from the babies cos they were in the good hands of my mom and sis back then. Wateva…I also signed in support of their efforts.

Saturday, I went to an event called EFC. When I walked in, I was like, Oh oh, am I in a direct selling conference or what? But as I listened more, I realised that it is a great way to bring church out of the conventional and traditional boundary.

Then, when LGE gave his speech, I was swinging between being impressed with his faith and the ‘ya la la, here comes the CAT and the *yawn* government efforts etc etc preachings’. They also get him to talk about his times in ISA and I was like, Oh wow…that man has faith.

But he caught me giving the ‘I heard this a 1,000 times look’. He pulled me aside and joked, “Lilian…..you looked so bored when I was talking. I know you heard it a 1,000 times.” *sweats*

Then, later in the evening, I went to the Vasakhi event. You would think that after I kena perli sekali, I would pretend to look attentive when I filmed. No….I went to film one donkey eating grass, I filmed Captain Francis Light and etc because his speech was almost similar to the afternoon one.

But people, tell me seriously. I think I have made close to 200 videos featuring LGE. Had I produced the same old story? No mah hor? So, yeah, I may be bored to death sometimes but each time, I can still edit a video that projects different story.

Then, there was this one time when I closed my camera view finder and went to fiddle with my mobile phone at the corner of the room during a Mandarin press conference. (usually, he speaks in English, BM then to Mandarin) Suddenly, LGE said something explosive in BM and I terkejut, ran to my video cam to turn it on again. He gave a ‘see lah, don’t pay attention to me, now you kancheong to switch on camera look’. But he repeated the whole sentence again.

Haih…I am getting bored. But never mind, I shall play my role in society. Kekekeke. Enduring boring press conferences. Not often we have Chief Ministers who are not stuffy with protocols and are strict like a gurubesar.

I will use my creative editing (so says a Gerakan supporter) to make videos that do not project the kind of boring-can-die feelings I usually have to endure.

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