What 20 years of motherhood taught me :

1) Each and every child, no matter how healthy, sickly, perfect or born with disorders, is already a gift of God.

2) The little things you do, say and act today to your little one will affect the future adult personality, character and his/her future.

3) Mothers are gifted with short term memories and they recall only the good parts about bringing up the child.

4) Mothers have courage like a lion.

5)Mothers are gifted with millions of things to deal with kids.

6) Sacrifices made today for the child will be repaid in the future. Not in terms of money or anything, but the satisfaction you know that you had done it right all along.

7)Mothers can’t do it alone. They need God.

8 ) Mothers shouldn’t sweat the small stuffs. They can leave it to God.

9) No one promise motherhood is a bed roses. But no one tells us there is indeed a rosy future if we have done it right.

10) To be a mother, you have to live the age of your child. And if you have kids like mine whose age span between 20 yrs old and 7 years old plus an eternal 7 months old (who lives in heaven now), life is indeed one big bowl of fun.

“He who learns must suffer. And even in our sleep pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God.” (Aeschylus quotes)

Today is my eldest son’s 20th birthday. Few more days, is the death anniversary of my 4th son. Life is full of happiness and a sprinkle of sadness. Hence, the above quote (used by LGE the other day or I wouldn’t know it’s existence) strikes me in the ‘by the awful grace of God”

– The End –

And now, I bring you a video that I enjoyed editing. Like I mentioned in the sypnosis, it is a sharing between Lim Guan Eng (the ex-prisoner) and a group of Christians. I told him, “Hey, I have never seen this part of yours before” (the Christian-y side, I mean).

Hope you are inspired! With the video and also motherhood thoughts.