I feel so unnatural when I can’t bitch.
Where is my freedom of speech?
Why do I meet so many hypocrites?

You know what? Some of the tolerant people I encountered are the priests, the very important people and the matured people.

Then, there are those whom I suspect read my blog and yet, they have the decency not to tell me or say anything.

To them, I love you all.

But hor, there are those few who actually bitched behind my back. Like this one old lady who freaking write emails to people I do not know and tell them I am a Catholic like her and yet, I have heart like the devil. KNN, she thinks I do not know but stupid lah, people can judge who is right and wrong and they do tell me.

But that’s not the worst case scenario. She is old like a hag, fugly and yet, there was once when she almost caused me to foam in the mouth, fell on the floor, went into a twitch with eyes rolled up and tongue dangling. She farking told the whole room she is from Penang like me, same age as me and I almost pinched the guy next to me blue-black. Haiyor, can you imagine what sort of image she had of herself? I am 5′ 6″ TALL, not 4′ 11″ SHORT, I have no eye bags or senduk face. I have boobs and valleys, while she had airports. KNN, talk only I tulan. She is 50 and a spinster and I am all 45 years old with many sons and a loving husband. Plus I get legit sex while she had to satisfy herself with excuse that she was meant to be single bcos the divine wanted her that way. (She said it online, ok? Not I made up one)

So, you think only old hag does things like that? No…..she had partners who bitched about me. And it is not another spinster but an ahkua male.

Freaking told me I am vulgar just because I made some jokes. KNN, other people made even worst jokes and they said nothing. I merely made one and this stupid old man went into a frenzy like a stupid bitch. Even AFTER I said sorry.

Niamah, go look at yourself in the mirror lah. What common traits do you have that linked me to you? I got nothing to do with you.

Oh ya, old hag also cursed me that with my obscene descriptions and bad words, I will sure go to hell. Like I care lah, if heaven is filled with old hags like her, I will burn in hell.

Sigh…so nice….Like I just take a dump after holding back the shits for many days.

Thank you for reading and you are welcome. I know I made your day. Love you all, expect old hag and old men.