Day by day, the layers are being peeled from the mysterious death of the boy, Aminul.

Although many are focussing on his death, the cause of it and the tragic situation his family face, I see beyond that.

There are so many things that disgust me, I don’t know where to begin. So, I shall start in point forms, hoping some of you may get an idea of the kind of explainable, utterly disgusting feelings I have inside.

1) How are we going to explain to our children about our adult actions?
Here we have a kid being shot dead. Yet, we seem not to care about the fact. Instead, the authorities and the ministers are trying to cover-up with lies after lies.

2) How are our children going to respect the police?
I am very firm that the police, as an institution must be respected. I have always been cautious of how I express myself because we musn’t paint the institution in a bad light. But it seems a few black sheeps have tainted the whole respectable institution.

3) Do our politicians even have a heart?
The worst is the woman politician who carries the women portfolio. Here we have someone whom we thought would know best how a bereaved mother feels. But no…the most idiotic, moronic comment comes from her mouth. She had shown the cold, heartless side of her many times. During the Kuala Dipang (is that the name of the place?) bridge tragedy, she said something hurtful (to the parents). During this tragedy, when the mother is still raw from the pain of losing her son in such horrific manner, she advocated all sorts of nonsense.

4) We failed to see the root cause.
Sure it is nice that both side of the divides can use the issue for political mileage. But ultimately, the blame lies on the ruling party. The party that has ruled for 52 years.

Yes, it is wrong for parents to have kids running around way past midnight. It is wrong that the kid is underage.

But hey, ever think why we have so many social problems? You think every mother, father and older siblings do not want to watch over their kids?

I don’t know about the boy’s family and their background. But in general, I said in general and not referring to his family, many teens have difficult families background. The parents maybe too poor so they have to work hard. Maybe the stress of living and working have cause some of the teens to be neglected. There are so many reasons.

5) Don’t try to set stupid rules when things already happened.
We live in a reactive nation. We tidak-apa about everything until some kid died. Then, everyone wants to act smart and try to come up with stupid ideas. After that, things died down and we go back to being tidak apa until the next one hits.

6) If the politicians did not pursue this, who will?
Many people have been pointing finger at Lim Kit Siang, mocking him that he is using this issue for his political mileage. But come on, in our country, if folks like YB Lim and I notice YB Khalid Samad (of PAS) did not pay special attention to this and bite on, do you think the family can get any justice? We Malaysians are all such cowards. We rarely put our head out for anything. We are so fearful of ISA eventhough we do not even know what ISA is. That’s the cause of the rot we are going through.

7) Who is telling the truth now?
I just watched the boy’s mate who was in the car with him. He is only 14 going 15 years old. He couldn’t possibly lie, when faced with so many reporters, cameras and video cameras. I have to believe him. He said his friend sprawled on his lap after being hit by a bullet that pierced through his head. The car kept going because the foot was on the accelerator. Finally, the car crashed. He got out of the car, got kicked on the head and bashed up. Yet, he managed to escape.

After reading so many mystery story books and watched so many CSI and such, it does amuse me that despite of that, he managed to escape!

So, someone is definitely lying here. And someone has to explain to me how policeman have failed to pin him down after all that? The vision I get is a bunch of fumbling, clumsy, don’t know what to do men who obviously have freaked out more than this boy whose mate died on his lap.

8 ) Where is integrity?
If I am the one who shot dead a boy, I would have gone down on my knees and apologise to the mother. It is the right thing. If I am the boss of the person, I would also go down on my knees, and apologise for my men’s action. And if I am the leader of them all, I will see that things are settled as soon as possible. How difficult is that?

A year ago, I asked a group of 13 years old kids to jot down people they see as their role models. You know what? They listed all the names of sportspersons, their teachers, leaders, friends and some politicans (LGE is definitely one of them) as well. But none comes from Barisan Nasional. Gone were the days when our ‘cita-cita saya adalah menjadi Perdana Menteri’. That says a lot about the future of our country isn’t it? Even 13 years old can see the rot.

Wake up, Malaysia. Speak up. The kids are watching us.