Forgetful us

This morning, the husband and I decided to switch our routes.

I was suppose to go to the Esplanade around 8 am. So, I told him I will drive the #3 son to SXI which is nearby. That way, I don’t need to drive to Air Itam and back down again.

So, we took a different kid in our cars today.

Normally, I make a mental note to put my phone on silent mode. I hate it when people’s mobile phone rings when I am recording a video. It spoils my recording, you know?

It was much later that I noticed I have 2 missed calls and 1 message. Message said, ‘Ah Meow no go skool no bag’

So I called back. My little boy answered. He is home, papa go buy nasi lemak.

I sms hubby to tell him I will be back by 9.30 am. Anyway, my two older sons are home so there is no problem.

After I got home, when hubby has gone to work, I asked my boy why he didn’t go to class first, then, let hubby brings the bag. He told me, ‘Papa said late already, no need to go. He clumsy hor, mommy?’

When hubby came back in the evening, I asked him the same question. Hubby said, “Nah, this fella la, I told him to go to class first, I come back and take the bag. He said he doesn’t want to go to school without a bag. Then, when we got home, I told him we can still go to school though it is only 30 minutes late. He also doesn’t want.”

See lah, so young so clever to twist words already. It is the first time my boy in primary one where we forgot his school bag. Usually, I am the one who cart the bag for him, while hubby goes with the #3 who carries his own bag.

Long time ago, when we stay in Sungai Ara and both hubby and I were working, we forget not only school bags. We forget school shoes which is often, forget socks and etc. Cos last time, my two older boys would be too sleepy to wear shoes until they reach school.

But that’s the not worst thing I forget. Once I even forgot to wear bra cos at that time, I have 3 kids going to three different places, i.e. primary one, daycare and babysitter. And my stupid ex-company was calculating every minute and every second we were late and deduct our salary from it.

Finally, I said, Screw you and left.

7 thoughts on “Forgetful us

  1. only now i realised you called matthew “ah meow”…so cute! lol…i can relate with the bra one. so how, you got turn back or not?!! 😉

  2. syn – Hehehe, no wor. Cos that time fashion those men chequered design shirts, large ones, with pockets in front? Think Flashdance era?

  3. no worries u get older u will graduate fr forgetting 2wear a bra to forgetting 2wear dentures wan. trust me, i 4get my dentures all d time!

  4. The magic word when things like this comes is: fml

    Once I 4get 2 bring bicycle lock when cycle 2 uni. Didn’t go back, dun wanna waste time. So bought another 1 loh.

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