Will I meet the moustache man on the bus again?

This is just a silly post about something I recalled. Sometimes, things get buried too deep into our memories, we will forget them. But, during my short course on psychology by Father Huan, he said many of the things we do are shaped by our earlier life experiences and such.

I was Tweeting, asking for recommendations for outstation bus to KL. I may (or may not) go to KL this weekend. Since I am going alone, I thought of flying but I hate the idea of paying an extra RM100 just because I was one day late in booking my flight. So, I decided to boycott and take a bus instead. Anyway, it is much more convenient because I will get down at 1U instead of some foresaken place like Subang or KLIA. Taxi/train fares would cost as much.

So, all the kind folks on Twitter gave me recommendations. But someone, niknazmi shared about freezing in a train.

Now, that reminds me of a lot of things. Long time ago, my eldest bro-in-law works in Batu Pahat, Johor. He would bring my eldest sister and their three children back to Penang during school holidays. Then, sis would take them back to Johor on a train, with me to help. I was rather young, if I am not mistaken, maybe in Form Three.

At 15 years old, I had already taken my first plane ride alone. (back then it is a big deal to fly, ok? Can tell the whole kampung already) And not only that, after I have gone to Batu Pahat, I would need to come back to Penang alone. (I think it happens only once? Can’t remember cos that is 30 years ago.)

There was this one time when my sister put me on a bus from Batu Pahat to Penang, all alone, at 15-16 years old. I was a scrawny, ugly, flat chested, speckie kid so there is no danger of being molested like our 15-16 years old girls now who have sex appeal, no thanks to MTV, Korean and Japanese age.

Life is a lot innocent back then, you know? So, the bus was damn cold. As in so cold, you can shiver with chattering teeth. I sat next to this Chinese man with a moustache.

At that age, you don’t really see an ‘old man’ (maybe he is like 30 yrs old?) as a threat or anything. Now, if you girls see that, even if the old man is as old as CSL (kekeke),beware…

And during the middle of the night, when he thought I have fallen asleep, he covered me with a blanket he was using. Aww….

Now, I know why I am also so tough. I have been so independent since young. Plus why I like men with moustache. But not every single moustache type lah. Ewws…

5 thoughts on “Will I meet the moustache man on the bus again?

  1. Not only you have to be careful with old men, you also have 15 year olds driving all over at night who might knock you down.

    We now have many stuntmen doing all sorts of stunts on the road as if life is of no value. It was reported in the newspapers that one motorcyclist lost his life when he collided with another motorcylist when he (the one who died) was riding against the traffic along the Jelutong expressway.

  2. sigh, those days! our kids will never go through what we did then….blessed that moustache man!

  3. Classic olden days. Now 16 year old sit beside a misai man. That man could be called as kam yee lou…

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