Gotta do quick post because I am connected using my mobile broadband which is not very stable.

But it is Mother’s Day so it won’t be complete if I don’t post something on this day. There is no time to ramble on with all the motherly thoughts or brag about my motherly achievement.

Well, I am in KL right now. The above is a surprise gift my little boy bought for me. You know lah, say buy for me but two days later, he will adopt it. But he did quickly say, “I buy for you one but papa pay lah, of course.”

So, I am here for something. That something, I cannot blog about yet.

And tomorrow, I have another something to attend. Also something that I cannot blog about. Not yet.

So, you see? I have to use duct tape to seal the lips.

And that’s not the only something I cannot reveal. There is also something next month, a much, much bigger thing. That never occurred to me at all. It is a decision, a big decision. But I say ‘Yes’ nevertheless because I would be crazy to say ‘No’.

It means changing some routine, take on some challenges and etc. When I tell you guys, you are going to say, OMG, Lilian, OMG.

All I can say is, the best direction in life is to let God’s lead.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms. Give yourself a huge pat on the back because there is none like us.