If Jesus is like the puppy in my Farmville…

You see, the puppy in my Farmville ………to those who don’t use Facebook, Farmville is where no-lifers like me spend time planting flowers, vegetables and grains in our cyberfarm. I know I should be doing some real farming and gardening but unfortunately, I cannot afford a house with a garden. The one I am renting now only have ugly cement porch and garden. So…

Ok, what about the puppy in Farmville? You see, I have to buy that darn pup and feed it every single day, a 24-hour cycle with kibble. I don’t know what is kibble cos I hate dogs in real life. And dogs hate me too cos they will try to bite me but not others. The other day, the dog at CG, I think the name is Roger? actually opened it’s jaw and ngap on my calf. Thank God he didn’t really sink the sharp teeth into my juicy calf.

So, I have to feed my puppy name Stupid at Farmville every day. Otherwise, it will run away or get caught by the dog pound. Then, I have to bail it out with 2 FV coins. FV coins cannot be earned, it is either given to us like once every blue moon or those sohais go buy with real Paypal money. I have discipline, so I never use my Paypal money for anything except to pay for webhosting and cash out.

Then what about Jesus? Well, I have a terrible-terribly busy weekends for a few weeks already. The last two weeks, I was in KL. When I am there, I am at the mercy of my ‘driver’. I could take a cab but he will say, ‘Siao meh, not like Jesus will miss you if you don’t go for one Sunday.’ So, after that potong-stim comment, I usually changed my mind about waking up at 6 am to catch a taxi (which usually costs me a lot of money since it is so early) to go to a nearby Catholic church.

Moreover, my program starts at 9 am so I have to make a mad rush from church to wherever I was supposed to go. So, I had skipped church for a couple of weeks already.

Some may say, “Haiyor, die lah you, you have to be nourished by the Lord and there is no excuse of not celebrating mass on a Sunday. Off you go for confession!” But a few will say, “Don’t worry, if it is real work that you need to attend to, or family matters that are more compelling, then, the Lord will understands.” Or the best is “When you feel comfortable enough that you can skip one or two masses, then, that’s when you know your faith is strong enough to withstand the earthly challenges without getting your faith battery charged in church.” (of course, don’t try it yourself!)

Anyway…I chose the path, so I gotta stick to it. This coming weekend, I gotta go to KL again. This time, it is for real. War in the kitchen. I need all the good vibes I can get to do menu planning in 10 minutes, cook some decent stuffs in 45 min and my challengers are not just regular housewives like me but real, macho male chefs. Never mind, I am game. (I wish I can show pics, reveal more etc but not at the moment)

Then, I pray I don’t win the first prize of RM30K because I won’t know how to cut myself into four pieces. One for the kids and husband, one for the society (those things related to CJ, church, etc), one for myself and one for, for, for….something else.

Nevermind, I suppose if I just remember I have a God who is tailored just for me, I won’t be spread so thin like those rubber, gel toy they are selling at 3 for RM10.

Still, I didn’t know I can actually miss church. I miss all the sombre mood, I miss all the cheerful people, I miss the Form One cheeky guys and gals from catechism class, I miss the communion, I miss the one-to-one moment with God, I miss almost everything (except boring homilies kekeke).

Oh ya, what about my title. Well, Jesus won’t run away and expect me to come bail Him. He will never run away and He will bail me out. I know the title is a bit silly but I also miss playing Farmville. I better get used to this because….

2 thoughts on “If Jesus is like the puppy in my Farmville…

  1. I am a regular churchgoer at Planetshakers in Melbourne. Sometimes I sacrifice a church service to go for trips or events I deem useful. Or some more important things crop up like group assignment I’d be willing to miss one service 🙂

  2. go go go lilian!! best of luck to you this weekend at the event that cannot be named just yet… cant wait til you reveal all the somethings that are coming up! and then i’ll go “OMG lilian is so keng” lol
    best of luck ya!!!

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