Typing words as big as ants

I have been too busy to even blog. Like we Chinese say, pangsai pun boh eng – meaning shit also not free. Maybe I should ask Saiful how he did it? He did save a lot of time by not spending precious minutes shitting or bathing, didn’t he?

Anyway, I don’t want to leave my poor blog so neglected. I am now typing this on my mobile phone. It is not easy but it is better than staring at two rows of greens divided by one gray road.

Yesterday evening as I was driving to church, I had like 50 mins to realise how much I missed church. I have to skip teaching catechism on Saturday. I also have to skip lectoring. Lector not lecture. Two things I love taking on because I am afraid of them. It is good to do something we are afraid because that’s when you grasp and cling to Jesus. It is when you scream, “Yesou kaumeng ahhh!”

Blek it is too tiring to type with tiny words like ants. Lucky I had my Lasik for monovision or I won’t be able to see what I typed. Gotta go!

One thought on “Typing words as big as ants

  1. yes..lilian..u indeed are so busy to update your blog..even ur malaysiabest blog has not been updated since end april..how i miss it..so, pls fast fast update ya..;-)

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