War in the kitchen

If you are reading this one a Saturday or Sunday, remember that this poor woman has gotten herself in a battle of chef thingie at some place for some product to be shown on some TV station.

So, send some good vibes over that I can actually get my tongue rolling while chopping, cutting, mincing and dicing while saya bercakap Bahasa Malaysia. Tuan2 dan Puan2 sekalian, tolong hantar good vibes kepada saya supaya saya tak terpotong jari, terbakar dapur or terpijak kaki chef professional yang merupakan judge (apa tu judge in BM I cannot remember at the moment). Tengoklah, satu ayat, macam rojak ada cakap ommputeh, ommelayu. Tapi itu baru 1Malaysia, right?

Time to hit the bed. You know what? I actually did not feel a bit nervous or made any preparations. I didn’t even bother to buy some white blouses (stylist said I look better in white on TV) and just bring along some old ones. I didn’t care about having a hair cut or dye it. I shall drag myself over without make-up and let them do what they want to me.

You know why I am not worried or tensed? Because I believe cooking comes from the heart. What’s the point of memorising a hundred recipes when all we need to find is in our heart? We will be given a theme, 10 minutes to figure out what ingredients we need and 45 minutes to prepare them.

Since I know a bit about video filming and editing, I couldn’t care less about making prior preparation, like how to talk, how to explain, how to interact with my imaginary audience. I know the production house can manage that part.

So, yeah, what’s the big deal? It is going down as another one of those adventures I had at least once in my lifetime.

6 thoughts on “War in the kitchen

  1. I belum kena yet. Sunday….I need good vibes to give my creative juices running and my tongue rolling in BM. 🙂

  2. lilian!!! u did it!!! cant wait to get the meatballs recipe from u.. sedap sgt2. m so proud of u!!

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