Of cooking and chefs

Let’s have some photos blog post cos people doesn’t like to read nowadays.

Last Thursday, I have an invite from Golden Sands to attend the opening of their spice garden. I heard Chef Wan is going to be there so I popped by.


He is a really nice, friendly chap with a lot of great ideas to introduce our wonderful, delicious Malaysian foods to the world. I think I will edit a video of Chef Wan minus the cooking. We are so used to see him as a cook so it is refreshing to know the man for who he is. An ex-accountant who made himself so wellknown as a Chef. He told us he has been asked by Channel 4 (Channel 4 ni bukan local Channel between RTM 2, TV3 and NTV 7 tau? Ni international punya, yang buat Jamie Oliver, Flyod and etc cookshows) to host an Asian cook show.

Few days later, I met Chef Wan’s daughter at another event. So, I guess it is takdir that I can tell her how excited her dad is. It is sort of like an ice-breaking thing for me. He told us media he is decorating her baby nursery room.


I brought my little boy along because no one was home. He was such a good boy, sitting down and playing PSP while I was filming.

nai you prawns

It is also takdir (God’s will) that I cooked nai yau prawns. I get to repeat the same recipe using beef balls few days later. Thank God I discovered this simple recipe that takes only minutes to cook. It is sooo delicious. What you need is some curry leaves, garlic, cili padi and butter. Stir till fragrant, add evaporated milk to make the sauce. You can fry the prawn, chicken or whatever separately and pour on the sauce.

petai ikan bilis

After so many weekends away from home, eating KL foods, I really crave homecooking. So, having petai ikan bilis is like heaven for me.

fried pomfret

Frying small white pomfrets till they are really crispy is so lovely with white rice.


Finally, here is the whole spread of homecooked foods.

Oh yeah, it had been a great weekend with five chefs, many lovely new found friends who are passionate about cooking and a lot of wonderful peeps.

4 thoughts on “Of cooking and chefs

  1. I think Chef Wan deserves Datukship more than anyone. He’s so cool la! I really enjoy all his cooking shows. He is entertaining and all the mak chiks love him too. Better than watching some old Datuk geleking in some lame movies.

    PS: Your food makes me so hungry now but it’s past midnight.How? Sigh…, I go to bed hungry la.

  2. Is that (sam chang bak) i see in the picture….
    Looks yummy!!! Espeically in (oh tau-yu)

  3. oh i just love cooking and eating. i love to cook pasta recipes and the like.;.”

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