So busy like cannot breathe

So let me catch some breath first. I am going to write short short sentences to unclog the brain.

cup cakes

This is the cupcakes we bought when we were in KLCC. Was in KL and all I remember are two things :

1) Traffic jam
2) Kitchen


Then, this is the love heart my boy drew. It is a huge, big, giant love heart because he said he loves me a lot lot.

nutella cupcake

This is the Nutella cupcake. I am not a cupcake person. I buy just because they are so pretty. RM5 per piece, buy 5, get 1 free. Don’t ask me from where cos I cannot remember the name. That’s why lah, when you want to sell something, use an easy name like The Cupcake or something.

orange cupcake

More cupcakes. My #3 son and I just stood at their counter and shoot the cupcake pictures with our mobile phones. Hmm…I think I buy because I want to take pictures.


And here is a photo which I have posted on Facebook. But it is so beautiful, I am going to blog about it. My boy brought this home last week. I asked him if teacher wrote those sentences on the blackboard for the children to copy.

He said, “Nolah, I write it myself and then, my friends copied mine.” Wuah…damn proud, I tell you.

The poor thing followed me to KL and last night, we only pushed off at 10 pm. It rained cats and dogs all the way from KL to almost Ipoh. Bright lightning lighted up the skies and it was quite terrifying for him for a while. However, he slept soundly all the way home. We reached about 2.30 am.

He went up straight to bed and continued sleeping till this morning 7 am.

But I didn’t sleep in the car though I was dead tired because I don’t sleep when someone drives. It gives me the creep that I may ‘wake up’ somewhere else that is not planet earth. You know what I mean? Doh…as if I am awake, I will be able to ‘see’ where I headed to. Up or down?

So, I tried hard to stay awake, dozed off and went, “Huh..what did you say?”. Startled, disorientated and surprised when I dozed off. Sigh…3.5 hours of sleep only last night. Cos I need to bath and clear some dirty clothes from the luggage and etc before I could go to bed.

Now, I must finish one advertorial, some paid posts due tomorrow and I want to edit a video on Sibu.

So busy until I do not have time to tell you how delicious some hunks were. Salivating….*shaddap Lilian! you are not suppose to talk yet. Wipe your saliva!*

3 thoughts on “So busy like cannot breathe

  1. So sweet. The drawing is really nice leh, with lots of details and choice of colors. Handwritting also very neat. Impressive.

  2. Wah……….. From: Matthew To: Lilian…… wah so formal one but soooo sweet like the cupcakes! I want those cupcakes!

  3. a beautiful card from Matthew to Lilian…good choice of words..from his heart!!!

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