Whoa!!! People, sorry my auto-setting went bonkers. I re-set my ‘Tweet to blog’ yesterday.

How does this works? I can actually set my blog to take the Tweets I made the previous day to turn it into a blog post.

Since I tweet so much, I guess it is good I compile them into one post so that I have some references.

But I didn’t know the ‘yesterday’ is not 24 hours from now but dunno how many donkey years already.

So, everything came out like a slippery eel.

Anyway, Twitter is fun.
You can sign up Twitter.
Then, you can install some app call Tweetdeck.
After that, you have your eyes on the world.

Now, I can even ask the Deputy Minister of Education about PPSMI. You see, the other day the Min. of Education said they are switching the teaching of Maths and Science to BM from 2011 instead of 2012 like they planned.

So, I am not clear if my boy who is in Form 2 and Standard 1 needs to switch or are they totally safe to finish their school years without this switch.

Answer? Deputy Minister of Education tak layan saya. Kesian…………All I asked is – Where can I get the information on this.

We cannot just rely on one fickle minded individual to decide, right? So, just tell us where to find the final decision.

Those are our children they are toying with so we have every right to be concerned, right? Not that we are all rich enough to send our children to private schools, kan?