Twitter Updates for 2010-05-23

  • It's Pentecost today. May all of us be filled with the fire of the Holy Spirit. #
  • I am going to Pak Lah's hometown tomorrow and I have no idea where it is. If my GPS doesn't work, I wl end up in some bendang padi. #
  • RT @cmlimguaneng: d young's eyes shine with hope 4 better future n d old r wet wid a breath of fresh spring 4 their young shoots (poetic cm #
  • I seriously want to see HRP takes over fm MIC but sorrylah, brader Uthaya, you need to learn some Chinese art of not burning bridges. #
  • "Uthayakumar chided bloggers for not writing more on Indian rights, dismissing them as no different from BN-owned mainstream media." #
  • Like, doh, why is Uthayakumar at a bloggers' gathering? He blogger meh? #
  • That's why I say, Bloggers are shiok-sendiri, perasan lebih people. I may be a blogger but I dun like to associate self with any bodies. #
  • Wud u trust news sites whose reporters/columnists have nicknames like Eagle-eye or something likedat? Things tt make me go hmmm….. #
  • Weekends are like @cmlimguaneng channel on Malaysiakini dot tv This one is on Sime Darby #
  • It must be the hot chocolate (van houten + susu Cap Teko) that makes me so happy. Or maybe Air Supply & Alleycats. Or whole combination #
  • Hey, how many of you remember listening to RAAF radio station? Royal Australian Air Force? #
  • In case u missed this video @cmlimguaneng calls it the Penang Report Card. Get Powerpoint fm here #
  • Just when we thot we can have a peaceful Twitterville minus buy-elections, along came Samy n his drama.. #
  • Eating kacang putih. Waiting for hubby in 1-stop. Catching Twitter updates. How boring, huh? #
  • Seriously, what is life without the courtesy of generous Uncle Ho at RM3 per movie? #
  • Amazing tt some old men hv commonsense of a 7 yrs old kid. *roll eyes* #
  • Blogs are passe. Wut more w one guy who calls himself protem chairman n yet abandoned journalism ethics #

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