Brain not wired properly

I went to Gurney with my boy today. We walked around aimlessly after he couldn’t get the book he had wanted from Popular.

So, it was a weekday afternoon where lots of silais are happily shopping. Some stopped for coffee. Some go to spa…

And these are women my age, in their 40s, early 50s and some with their spouses. Come to think of it, I should be joining these women, enjoying life, gossiping and spending the husbands’ money. Lest he has too much and spent it on some mistress or girlfriend.

So, I am not sure why I am not. Maybe because I have a 7 yrs old kid and it is not easy to fit into that circle of women gang. It is not like I would leave my son at home while I enjoy a day’s out with the girls.

I am really anti-social when it comes to these sort of things. Don’t call me for coffee mornings. Don’t call me for women’s group meeting. Just don’t call me for anything because I just hate involving self in these sort of things.

If it is a project I am passionate with, I will gladly offer my help. Like let’s say you want to cook for some beggars or do some project for the youths or something. But just don’t call me for casual thing because I feel suffocated.

I think my brain is not wired properly. I probably have a man’s brain. I don’t know.

*shivers* Image of me in pink thights, lacy flouncy blouses, flower in the hair, doing line dancing with a bunch of women just freak me out. So did images of me in whacallit big, umbrella skirts doing ballroom dancing with some balding, pot bellied, strange gentleman also makes my hair stands on ends.

The future looks bleak. When I am 80, toothless and hard of hearing, I won’t have any girlfriends to chat with me.

Maybe I should start socialising? Today, I went to CG to have a meeting re their website. I got ambushed by a potential BEC people. I gave my details willingly but I already knew the 1001 reasons I won’t join your BEC meeting. Hehehehe, not that I love Christ less but I just hate the idea of being part of anything that involves me making small chats. (BEC is like what other Christians call cell-group sorta thing, a community)

*lilian looking up for sex change doctor in thailand*

3 thoughts on “Brain not wired properly

  1. There are millions of moms with 5 kids out there, but there’s only ONE 5XMom. I don’t see a need for you to change to anything else in spite of all of your obnoxious….. LOL!!!

  2. I get what you mean. I feel a need to sometimes socialise and when I plan an outing with friends, I drag my feet to make it there and sometimes leave early. Glad to know that I’m not the only one around feeling this way 🙂

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