Things they never teach you to teach your kids

This morning, as I was about to go out, I saw one girl parked her car right outside my gate. I know she works next door.

So, I called out to her as she was about to walk to her office. I said, “Excuse me….if you park your car right in front of my house, how am I going to drive in?”

Yeah, she knows I never drive any cars into our driveway. (bcos I go in and out so often so I just drop the car outside my porch) But that’s my gate so it is my territory, no?

She replied like she did nothing wrong. “I work next door.”

So I got pissed already cos she works till late night. Usually she parked a bit further because I have space outside my fence for two cars. But I have three cars so she does take up ‘our space’ though we never make a fuss.

So, my reply was “SO? You don’t expect me to go and call you everytime I want to drive in, do you?” She is probably cursing under her breath, “You bitch, not like you drive your car in. So what if I block your gate?”

But really, my sons’ bikes go in and out of the gate and with a stranger’s car outside my gate, don’t you think that is too much?

Seriously, I think many of us parents have failed to teach our kids many things. For example, being considerate. She sometimes see me struggling with my own backpack, my boy’s school bag and grocery bags. Yet, she would park her car outside my fence, making me parking across the road if my other car took up the gate park.

Any considerate person would gladly leave the space for a mother with a small kid because hey, that’s my house, my territory.

Oh man…I hope she doesn’t piss me again. If she is so afraid of getting summonses, (traffic police does come by sometimes, we kena before), then, for goodness sake, find a more permanent parking lah.

Block my gate again, sure I………

Heh, that’s for me to know, for you to find out.

8 thoughts on “Things they never teach you to teach your kids

  1. Sigh, people young n older ones sometimes think that the world owes them instead of the other way around. Perhaps you can write a very official letter to her office? remember not to stoop to their level.

  2. Hi Lilian,
    My neighbour here in Klang have 2 cars and four parking spaces inside and outside of their homes yet they park their car right in front of my gate almost everyday!

    When I told them off, they have the cheek to tell me “….itu tempat bukan lu punya!”……!

    You are spot on about education and teaching them young.

    Cheers and regards.

  3. Fashionable to have scrubs in front of their small plot of land to prevent others from parking at their place but many do not mind parking their vehicles at their neighbours. I say to you, blast your horn out loud each time your entrance is blocked and make sure the vehicle is removed. This was what I did to an incorrigible bus sekolah owner who used to park at my place. My horning would wake up the neighbours as I come back in the early hours of the morning and have already told the bus sekolah owner not to park at my place.

  4. Hi Lilian – came across your blog while I was blog surfing. I just love the way you blog…hahahhaa…the typical Malaysian way yet with a wonderful English vocab. Hahahaha..glad you are from penang too !! Yes.. spot is your house & property- so you have every right to be demand that she moves !!

  5. If me, i will scold her alr. Where got ppl so stupid parked at infront ppl’s house 1? lol. pea-sized brain!

  6. Just do like I do, either I throw all my rubbish on the car, or if I have any paint, I just throw it.

  7. sunny day, bring out all your carpets, throw-cushions, pillows,lam chim n sun them on top of her car.

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