Where do you stand when you heard of juvenile problems?

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to hear about very young girls, like age 13-14 years involved in sex, gotten herself pregnant and baby dumping etc.

For boys, they get into other nasty crimes like rape, gangsterism, alcoholism and more.

Mostly likely or not, we spent a while OMG-ing over the case, forget it and do the same when another case crops up.

I was just thinking. How much are our children given the right and proper upbringing?

Sure, we say it is the parent’s responsibilities. But not everyone has parents to do that. Take for example, I practically grew up very much on my own because my father died when I was 7 years old. I don’t exactly have a mom like me (ehehehe, as if I am the best and coolest mom around). She was the traditional type, if you know what I mean? So long as I have foods, clothes and someone to take care of me when I was sick, I think that’s sums everything.

I turned out ok because that was a totally different era. No peer pressures, no influence of MTV and plastic Hollywood world, no easy access to all sorts of people and etc.

But I wonder how tough young children face when they don’t have that secure, complete, loving family in this age?

Is it any wonder that they got themselves into such deep troubles?

Our school teachers are merely there to teach school lessons. There may be counselling teachers in some schools. But they are merely solving problems due to the amount of students.

Are our school kids given any form of self-esteem guidance? Is there anyone out there specially trained or free to allocate their time to help them?

So, yeah, some may have religious foundation. But sometimes too strict religious teachings without the proper and gentle approach made them rebellious.

The next time when you hear of any young girls gotten themselves pregnant, remember that they were searching for love from the wrong person and wrong reason.

We are partly to be blame. We have become jaded in our nice, organised world, we may not be able to feel anymore.

I am not sure why I am so preachy but when news after news appeared about yet another kid gotten herself/himself in trouble, it just bugs me.

I always thank God that I turned out ok. And I thank God that at least now I have some sort of guidance in the form of Christianity. It makes parenting much easier.

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