Today, I met a bitchy female videographer who thinks she is like the one and only person on earth with a video camera. KNN, even the usually very mild and calm photographer friend of mine also get pissed with her.

Since I am suchhhhh a lovely person and sooooo very nice, I cannot tell it to her face or give her a slap or keh-si keh-si trip her camera over. So, I need to rant. Excuse me if you hate my rantings. But hang on if you like it.

First of all, she looks the part of the bitch with her fake double eye-lid. Second, her face is so ‘chiak’ (garang) with all her freckles. Cincai-cincai she is older than me, in looks. But I think I am older in age lah, since I am much younger looking than my 46 yrs old.

You know hor, my camera is really small one. But hor, all the Penang media guys and lengluis very member-member with me because it is not how big my camera is, but how well I tell stories through the videos I made. So, I usually stand tall when I am with them.

But this CCB woman, she si peh lansi, perasan and tua-tay. She even had the nerve to push one wor-siong (bald, gray robe monk) to go behind her camera when she was just filming a shitty speech. Come on lah, for us, we can always insert something into those parts when someone walks in front of a camera.

Then, other people from the public also walked past and she put on her CB face and act like what only.

Then, the mother of all tulan-ness came when we were all trying to capture some of the VIPs. We as in photographers from the media who are usually working with me at PCs, events and etc. We usually give and take. Sometimes, when one person accidentally got into the scene, we will go ‘whoaaaaa’ and we quickly apologised. It is after all, fren-fren type of work.

But this CB woman hor, she scolded, “mai sak lah!” really loud. In Hokkien it is don’t push. Her tone was like a bitch. So, the VIP (you know who lah) was startled cos suddenly one woman screamed that loud. I quickly look away cos later he thought I am the one shouting. KNN.

I wish I am a bit bitchy. Then, I can go to her face and tell her, “Eh, CB, I got Youtube, I got cj, I got other channel. I am send to film this because I have proven record. My video views at least four digits in number. What have you got? Other than being hired by the temple to do a video? How many people do you think will actually watch your video lah?”

Sheesh…If I have my other videographer friends there, I think I would purposely go and stand in the frame and see what she is going to do. But today, only I alone so I dare not kwailan with her. KNN. She is lucky I am so nice, I didn’t take her photo and post – Do not hire this company because the videographer is a bitch.