The boy with no legs and the little girl with one

This is another video that I had enjoyed doing.

I was at the Che Hoon Khor Moral Uplifting Society the other day. 210 people received artificial limbs, donated by the generous public and done by the Thai Princess Mother foundation.

It is very touching to see the 110 Thais experts/helpers who were there to make the limbs. Some of them are without a limb and walk using a prostheses. You can feel the human spirit of generousity, kindness and love there. Different nationalities helping each other.

The recipients of the artificial legs come from various ethnic backgrounds and different ages. From 6 years old to 91 years old.

When the amputees or those born without legs stood up, I felt I rise with them in faith.

I name my video ‘Stand up and walk’. Actually, I get that inspiration when I saw the Chinese man who stood up with so much happiness and gave his two thumbs up.

It reminds me of Jesus telling the crippled man, ‘Take your mat, stand up and walk. Your faith have saved you.” (or something like that) It is touching that if people put their resources together, they can help many.

The two persons that I am most endeared with are the Malay boy from Kelantan who is 18 years old and the six years old girl. The Malay boy (I can’t quite get his name) wore shoes on his knees as he is without both legs.

The last man in brown shirt actually rushed up to CM Lim Guan Eng and said in Hokkien, “Wa si Cheen eh lang” (I am the Dacing/BN person).

Watch the video, be glad you have both legs. And be more charitable next time because every bit from us helps.

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  1. thumbs up for the video………I know how the receivers feel when they can “stand up and walk”. I was also once grounded for six months and you can’t describe you feeling when you are able to take your first step again. You are right, everyone that have both legs should be happy…:)

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