Big milestone

Today, 31st May 2010, is another parenting milestone for me.

My second son is entering college. Initially, he plans to go in August. Suddenly, last week, I swing by KDU to have lunch and decided to enquire about the course. I found out they have one beginning May 31st.

So, I convinced him to stop rotting at home and join the May batch. First, we saved RM500+ because the fee goes up in August. Second, his big brother and all his friends are still in KDU.

By July, my eldest will leave KDU and go to Singapore for training. (more about that later)

It is funny when I think how I send my second son to nursery at two and half years old so that my eldest son who was 4 years old did not go to kindie alone. At that time, the kindie was newly opened so they were like the only handful of kids there.

How times flies. I joked with him that it is better he goes to college now when his kor-kor (anyway, my younger sons call the eldest one kor-kor) is still the tai-kor around. Otherwise, he will be alone if he goes in August and who knows, he gets bullied. Of course, it is just a joke because they have their own bunch of friends, their own personalities and they rarely mix together like some other siblings.

Now, my eldest son is finally decided on where he is going to take his placement (six months training in a restaurant). After asking a few chefs, they told me Singapore has the highest quality when it comes to food standard. So, they said better for him to get the grilling from establishments in Singapore than go to Maldives or Australia.

This is the blessings of having several kids. At least I don’t have to deal with empty nest syndrome. I have other kids to occupy me while the bigger ones flew from the nest.

I bet when my youngest son goes away, I will be tagging along. Let me see…He is 7 now, he only leaves in another 13 years. I will be 59 yrs old. OMG, I wonder what I am at 59 years old?

Do I still blog? Do I still video-ing? Do I still even care about anything?

4 thoughts on “Big milestone

  1. fret not, by then u wld b blogging abt wrinkles, ED, grandkids etc n sharing notes abt our kids’ in/out-laws ^_^

  2. Lilian

    Seriously you should consider writing something about No 1 idol when he was incarcerated. Apart from sand in the meat I wonder how the other “residents” treated him and also did he made any friends there.

  3. Thong – Can….if I ever get a chance to get him to sit down long enough to tell me. But if you want to know, he and Mat Sabu were in the same cell and they are abang-adik now. So is Mahfuz. Plus I heard he helped to take care of the senior and wheelchair bound DAP leader who got stroke. It is not something he wants to talk much bcos he doesn’t want people to claim he is trying to menagih simpati. Most of what I heard are from people who knew him.

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