People, come butter me a bit lah

You know hor, today I am not feeling very sociable. I hate being cloistered in anything that says ‘committee’, ‘group’, ‘ministry’ (usually our church uses this term) or any gang. I suppose I grew up pretty much on my own so I can’t stand authority or towing the line. It suffocates me.

So, everyone knows I am a citizen journalist and there are 88 active citizen journalists with about 20 who actually produce videos. Some others write.

Recently, at the conference, my video didn’t win. *goes to corner and pout* Not sure why also.

But hor, I produced the most videos lah. And my topics are very varied. Our funding is coming to an end. The American counterpart funded this project and it ends today. From June 1st onwards, we are pretty much on our own. No more new training. No more tips (as in $$$) for my video.

Anyway, most of the things I use are my own, except for the mic from Mkini. But that’s because I produced news from Penang, which Mkini sorely lacks in the English section.

So, go to this link and help with the survey.

No, it won’t ask for your details, you don’t need to sign up or anything. Just tick, tick.

But since I am such a nice person, please purposely put in some nice-nice words for me. Not that I will be able to read it. But nice mah…shiok leh.

In case you lazy to find which few videos that have made an impact on you, lemme put some here :
1) You will never go hungry

2) Nine Emperor Gods –

3) From prison to Komtar

4) Flashmob for press freedom

5) Resilient Mak Cik Nur

If you want to find where all the videos are, here is the link

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  1. butter and strawberry jam liao, i put ur videos on pg dragon boat tragedy and the victims’ funeral.

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