In the next couple of days, I am going to keep very quiet.

So, I think I better post this fast fast. In fact, I have never even told my sisters, sis-in-law, bro, nieces about this. (after this they sure phone me, “Aiyor, tiok mm tiok? Lu cho kang liao ah? An cua anneh leh?”)

I have gone back to work. Yes, as in a 9-5 job. Only thing is I don’t go in at 9 am nor come home at 5 pm at the moment. Our office is under renovation so I don’t have a place to sit yet.

So, I haven’t arrange for my boy’s daycare at the moment. Because I told my lady boss I need time to prepare him. Anyway, the school holidays start this Friday for two weeks so I have time to adjust first. My older boys can watch over him and my lady boss is flexible with me because I can do long hours at night, over the weekends and my work doesn’t need me to be in the office. I need privacy and quietness to edit videos. So, I can cabut balik supervise also lah.

Talking about my boy, he is actually very keen to go to daycare where all his old friends and current school mates are. But I am reluctant to do so. I will pray everything turns out like how I plan.

So, where do I work? Nay, that tall tall building in Penang lor. Do what? Take video, edit them, do other stuffs that involve in communication. So who is my boss? My lady boss lor.

So, I can still kapster as I am used to or not? I hope so lah, but then, kena tone down a bit lah.

So, still can blog or not? Sure lah, I need my blog to release tension one, so if cannot blog, how to work lah?

So, what you say?